31 Days - Where are you in Your Journey?

I think that today is a great day to take and try to get a handle on all the different activities I have been talking about over the past 9 days.

In the first week I challenged you to take an inventory of your week, and how you were spending your time.

How did that go?  Were you able to see some correlation between activities that may not be needed and time available for self-care?  

For me, I realized that I need to spend more time reading for me.  

I spend a lot of time reading to my kids (we have a literature based approach to homeschooling), but after all that reading with my kids, I don't necessarily make time for reading for myself.  Instead, I will sit down to read e-mail, to look at Facebook.  It is me trying to decompress my brain from all the homeschooling, but I realize I still need to make time for my own personal reading.

I also want to make more time for knitting, something that I really love to do, but something that takes a lot of time that I don't necessarily see.

Yesterday I made the conscious decision to take some time after the kids' schooling was finished to sit and do some reading and knitting.  It wasn't a long amount of time, maybe 20 minutes, but it was nice to sit down and do something I keep saying I need to make time for, but never seem to.

The other thing I wanted you to work on was starting a food journal.

I keep a food journal because I want to know how foods relate to how I feel physically.

I noticed recently that I wasn’t feeling great, even though I was still eating the foods that I thought made me feel well – mainly tons of veggies.  I was trying to figure out what I had added that probably wasn’t that great for me, and I realized that I had been drinking a little more coffee than normal.

I will typically have two cups of coffee in the morning and then sometimes a half a cup in the afternoon, just for that little pick me up.  But, my husband had switched from two cups in the morning to one cup, so I was drinking his extra cup.

Not that I don’t love coffee, I absolutely do, but I know that having more than a couple cups of coffee in a day ends up giving me a headache and I then don’t feel great.

Now I am going back to two cups in the morning!

Has there been one thing that has stuck out to you over the past week that can help you with self-care?


  1. 20 minutes of leisure time is better than no minutes!
    One thing I've picked up so far is it's actually easier to find the time to relax once I've actually accomplished things for the day - versus spending time procrastinating on something (with a mostly "fun" activity) but worrying about getting my should-do's done. If everything is taken care of, the time with a relaxing activity is much more worthwhile!


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