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Welcome back to another week of the yarn along!  I don't have a video today.  I may still fit one in this afternoon, and can post it later, but no guarantees!  

I skipped last week because I was in the middle of Christmas preparations, but the week before I posted a video about my one and only Christmas gift that I was knitting - you can see that below.

I'm sure you know what is coming - I did not finish my gifts for my mom.  I really thought that I would finish those fingerless mitts!  The first one knit up so quickly, but instead of finishing it right after I did this video, I fell back on other holiday preparations, and my knitting fell by the wayside.  

If you read my Christmas wrap-up post, you will know that Lucy started teething the day before Christmas Eve, and she had a fever right through until a couple days ago.  Miserable baby meant less sleep for mama, and not so much time with free hands to knit.  So here I am with more excuses as to why I haven't done much knitting recently!

In my video above I also mentioned wanting to knit my mom a new headband for her to wear out walking.  I also didn't start that, but the day after I filmed that video, I received my POPSUGAR Must Have Holiday for Her Box, and in that box was a beautiful cashmere knit headband!  So I think that I started to let myself off the hook a bit with Christmas knitting...

But, but!  I did receive some beautiful yarn for Christmas from my brother and sister-in-law.  

I was really excited to see this beautiful plum color, and I think that I am going to knit myself a new cowl.  I never seem to knit for myself, not because I don't want to, but because I feel like I am constantly trying to finish up gifts for others.  This is a lovely soft yarn, and the color is beautiful, and I think that it will be my next project, after I finish up the fingerless mitts for my mom.

I have been dutifully collecting book titles to add to my "100 books in 2016" book list.

My husband had mentioned before Christmas how he wants to read more books in 2016, so I bought him a few books for Christmas.  And of course, they are books I am also interested in reading!

One is Barefoot Church which is by Brandon Hatmaker.  It seems to be the companion book to Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted which I really enjoyed.  

My sister-in-law gave me a book that looks really great as well, called Girl Meets God, by Lauren F. Winner.  She described it to me as the connection between the Jewish and Christian calendars, and a memoir.  It sounds amazing, and I can't wait to start it!  Can I still count it as a 2016 book if I start it now?

Are you starting to reflect on 2015 and planning new goals for 2016?


  1. I do hope you take the time to knit yourself something Heather , you deserve it.
    Oh, the Barefoot Church just got added to my list as I loved Interrupted too.
    Will make sure I have time to watch your video this afternoon, I think these are so much fun.

  2. I love it when Santas helpers bring yarn! The best

  3. My rule is it can count for next year so long as you finish the last page of the book in 2016 :-). That yarn is so beautiful!

  4. Beautiful yarn - I hope you start to get more sleep, have a lovely new year.

  5. This color is stunning! Such a beautiful yarn!

  6. I love that plum colored yarn. It will knit up into a beautiful cowl. Those books look interesting also. Happy New Year!

  7. Lovely yarn! I always count when I finish a book because it could take me months to finish one and I can't keep track of all the books I have "going" at one time, ha! 100 books sounds like an incredible goal... I am aiming for 30 which sounds puny in comparison but is a much more realistic goal for me if I want to have any time for knitting and other projects!

  8. Sometimes there is just not enough time to get it all done. You got some beautiful yarn there! I hope you find some peaceful moments over the next few days. I know it's hard with a teething baby. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  9. Hoping that you are able to find the time soon to work on your new cowl! Such a useful end product, and most of the patterns for them seem to be fairly straight forward, so great for relaxing with! :D

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting over at The River. I love the color of the yarn. Beautiful!!
    I am looking forward to some book reviews from you. :-) I enjoy reading.

  11. P.S
    I am following you on IG - I am skigirlcarla

  12. I will look into Girl Meets God

  13. That yarn is really gorgeous and both of those books look like excellent reads.....putting them on my list!!!

  14. Ah. Booklist. I haven't even gotten that far. I feel like I'm already behind on 2016 and it hasn't started yet!!

  15. Mm lovely yarn! Don't feel like you're making excuses for not achieving, your baby comes first at all times. Everything else you achieve is a wonderful bonus! We expect too much of people with tiny children to care for. I didn't get much done in the run up to Christmas because my baby was sick, but I gave him the best care I could, and that's a job well done, even if there is nobody to reward me for it. Merry Christmas and Happy New year x


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