Staying Healthy Right into the New Year!

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always an interesting one for me, food wise.  I typically have a ton of leftovers from the holidays, and yet I don’t want to eat them!  I think that as I have gotten older, I realize that I need to concentrate on my health a lot more, and having a lot of unhealthy options is not what I want.  Instead I want to stay healthy right into the New Year, and the leftovers honestly don’t cut it.

Over the years we have taken several steps towards a healthier lifestyle for our family.  One that seems most important me, and also to my husband, is the addition of Vitamin D to our daily supplement regimen. 

My husband had a full blood work up last year, and found that he was deficient in Vitamin D.  That surprised us because he drinks milk every day, but apparently it was not enough for him.  His Dr. prescribed him a large dose of Vitamin D over a couple weeks, and now we both regularly take a daily supplement.

Part of the reason I take it is because I battle the winter blues.  Our winters are quite long in Maine.  The cold and dark can get to be a little much and taking the Vitamin D supplement has been a huge help to my mood during the winter. 

Every month we take a trip to Sam’s Club to get our bulk food for the month, but we also are able to find all of our vitamin needs as well as fill any prescriptions at the pharmacy.  It is a bit of an event in my house, my kids love to go and get samples of the different foods.  I love that I can get pretty much everything I need in one stop.

Trying to get three kids in and out of the car to several stores is not something I enjoy, so the fact that I can get all of it done in one trip to Sam’s Club is amazing to me.  I have noticed over the past year that they have added so many organic options, and that is a big plus.

The other big way we are staying healthy right into the New Year is green smoothies. 

My family loves green smoothies.  I’m not sure how I convinced my kids to drink them a few years ago, but they do, and they love them.  In fact it is the most requested “green vegetable” for dinner.

I tend to use the same recipe most of the time, spinach or kale, a banana, frozen berries (usually blueberries and strawberries).  We buy the fruit and greens at Sam’s Club at a huge cost savings – we go through A LOT of frozen fruit in our home, especially in the winter!

I have also started using magazines like Healthy Living Made Simple to get ideas on staying healthy.  I especially like their section on feeding baby.  Lucy is just over 1 now, and is eating all the time!  I want to make sure that she is getting the most nutritious foods that I can give her, and this magazine has some great ideas! 

I liked this article called Freshen-up Your Produce.  I love to find new ways to serve veggies in our home for my older kids.  One of my favorites is to do a “snack lunch” where I offer lots of cut up veggies, different dips that I have made such as white bean dip or hummus, and the nuts and some cut up fruit – it is a favorite of my kids, and bonus, super healthy!

I know that having a diet rich and fruits and vegetables and the right vitamin supplements for me are what keep me going.  I need the energy with three little ones running circles around me, but I also want to show my kids what a healthy lifestyle is, so that they are comfortable with it as they grow. 

What are you doing to stay healthier in the New Year?

*I am not a doctor - please speak to your own doctor before starting any type of vitamin regimen.  These are my personal family's experiences.


  1. I really need to get back on the wagon. I have been eating like crap lately and not working out. In 2016 I will be better :)

  2. Love all posts that encourage being healthy. Love green smoothies too. My husband I drink one daily.

  3. My kids love smoothies, it's the best way for me to get their greens and fruits in. Great tips to stay healthy.

  4. I like the idea of having smoothies because they are delicious and nutritious! I want to get into them again to boost my immune system!

  5. I am all about green smoothies! I really want to buy a fantastic blender this year!

  6. I'm the same way, I always tend to make the same kind smoothie! I like to make mine with 100% fat free Greek yogurt and add a little peanut butter for added nutrition!

  7. I love drinking smoothies as an easy way to get in some of my fruits and veggies! I'm trying to drink more WATER in 2016!

  8. This is a must for me this year I did buy me some amazing vitamins and I plan on drinking wayyyy more water :)


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