De-cluttering the Spaces that Breed in the Night!

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Yesterday's Vlog

I always feel like I have a good handle on clutter.  I regularly clean up my space, and often go through every room in our home in order to get rid of the unnecessary.  Yet, without fail, it seems like I always have surface de-cluttering to do.

Now, I am going to be the first to admit that I have a lot of paper.  For a long time I fought against paper.  I tried to make sure that everything was digital.  I culled cookbooks, and got rid of paper planners, in order to create a digital wonderland.

The problem with that digital wonderland?  I didn’t use it.  Now that I think about it, it is similar to my issue with digital pictures.  I have a ton of digital pictures – consistently dump them onto an external hard drive – but then never look at them again.  I will one day I’m sure…maybe. 

But back to the digital wonderland – I couldn’t keep track of my schedule. 

I realized that I am a paper and pen kind of gal.  Once I accepted that, I may have gone over the deep end with my love of Erin Condren products, but surprisingly, they have helped me to keep track of life, of my blog, of when the kids have doctor, dentist, fill-in-the-blank appointments.

But, because of my not-so-new found love of paper, my surface spaces tend to get mucked up, and quickly.

Here is where I will blame this on every other member of my family but myself!

You see, whenever I take the time to clean off my work table, or the section of counter in my kitchen where I also work (I currently have a climbing toddler who enjoys sitting on top of my desk), it inevitably gets covered with a few hours by “other stuff.”  My kids and husband know that these are my workspaces, but it seems as though when they see a cleared off space, that makes the perfect spot to store a LEGO person that Lucy may eat, or an old cracker, or several books, or, or, or.  And what happens?  My cleared work space becomes many different piles of “stuff.”

Is that true in your house?  If there is a cleared off space, does it automatically get dumped on by every person in the family? 

What is a mama to do?  Well, the pictures today are of what it looks like currently.  Not completely cleared off, but definitely orderly (at least so that I can find what I need – and yes I realize that is a diaper on my counter, at least it is a clean diaper!).  But, to my lovely family members it is not a cleared off surface, and so they don’t seem to set stuff there.  I’m not sure how long it will last.  Honestly I don’t have high hopes at all, but I am pleased with the fact that it is somewhat orderly after four days of looking like this!

How do you keep your surfaces clear from clutter?  Does your family like to put things down on a clear spot as soon as you have cleaned it up, like my family?

The Garden is Planted! *for the most part*

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Happy Memorial Day!  I hope that you are able to spend it with friends and remembering why we celebrate Memorial Day.  I want to take a moment and thank all the men and women who have given their lives while serving our country.

Memorial Day weekend is also the weekend that I typically plant our garden.  It seems like it is the best weekend to do it, although after conferring with my mother last week, she explained that I can plant after the full moon in May.  I'm glad she is telling me now, since this is the 10th year I will be gardening here...Thanks mom!

Back to planting!  This weekend the heat returned, and we ended up having a 90 degree day on Saturday - not the best day for planting, but perfect for a BBQ with friends.  So I waited until yesterday to plant.  It was cloudy and cooler in the morning, and to me, that is the perfect weather for planting.  Of course by about 11am the clouds were gone and it was 75, but still a nice planting day.

I was able to get almost everything planted.  Well, at least everything in the ground that I am planting this year.  

We still have to buy potting soil to plant our Earthboxes as well as the other pots that I have.  

When I started gardening back in 2007, I started with ALL pots, and nothing in the ground.  I love my pots, and when I added space to garden in the ground, I continued using the pots for specific plants - specifically my jalapenos, sweet peppers, and some roma tomatoes.

This year I am also going to be planting some potatoes in pots as well.  We planted maybe 7-8 pounds of potatoes in the ground, but then ran out of space.  Since we had already dug up space for the potatoes, Matt put his foot down to not dig up anymore of the yard for garden space this year.  

Overall, I am incredibly pleased with what we were able to accomplish this weekend in the garden!  Now I hope that we will have an stellar summer of warm weather, no hail, no pests, and staying on top of the weeds.  

How do you celebrate Memorial Day weekend?  Do you have family members that have served?

2016 Garden Progress and a vlog

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Maine!  I think Spring is finally deciding to show herself, and that means I can move forward with my garden.  I probably could have started last weekend with planting, but I wasn't ready, and I generally do a marathon planting session on Memorial Day weekend.

But first, I needed to clean out the gardens - you can watch some of our progress here:

It is amazing to me how much I enjoy cleaning out the gardens at the beginning of the growing season.  I wish that would continue throughout the season with the weeding.  Unfortunately I lose steam at the height of summer, and weeds always seem to take over.

Now that the garden beds are cleaned out I can get started planting.  But, the first stop for me was to go to the green house.

Every year I say that I am going to start seeds.  And there was one year that I did start seeds, but recently I have fallen back on buying seedlings from the green house.  

This year I settled on the following seedlings :

red cabbage
strawberries (to replace the ones someone mowed over...)
tomatoes (many, many tomato plants)
bell peppers
jalapeno peppers
cucumbers (slicing, bush, and pickling)
pie pumpkins
blue hubbard squash

And for seeds I purchased :

swiss chard
green beans (Provider - they produce SO WELL!)

I can't wait to get started this weekend planting!  It is one of my favorite parts of the year.  I am looking forward to watching the plants grow.

Are you planting anything this year?  

knitting and reading

I am doing a lot more reading than knitting this week.  I think as we move into planting season, that will continue.  I am constantly trying to learn more about providing food on the very small amount of land we live on (about a quarter of an acre).

My knitting continues to consist of dishcloths.  I figure if I start now, by the time Christmas comes around I *might* have enough dishcloths knit for Christmas presents!  I have had people ask in the past if I actually use knitted dishcloths - and I do!  They are my favorite rags to have on hand actually, because they work so well.  It is also a perfectly good use for leftover cotton yarn.  If you are ever gifted knitted dish cloths - use them!

As far as reading goes...there are a lot of magazines being looked over right now.  I did purchase some new curriculum in March, but I know that I will need to purchase more at the end of the summer.  I tend to work in seasons, instead of buying everything I need for the year at once, I tend to buy 3-4 times a year.  It isn't as much of a financial outlay all at once, and I can easily change things around because I don't have so.much.curriculum on hand.

Because I have been reading so many post-apocalyptic books as of late, I dug out my copy of Survival Mom.  This book has so much amazing information in it.  It is truly a well-rounded book for moms on how to prepare for everyday disasters.  I know a lot of people hear "survival" or "prepper" and think crazy, but being prepared for natural disasters, extended power outages etc. is a worthwhile thing to be invested in, especially as a mom who has littles to look after.

The other book I am reading right now is one I refer to every year, it is The Backyard Homestead.  I love this book because of the tagline - "Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!"  Sounds good to me!  Of course I can't do a lot of the stuff they recommend in the city, but I love the information in this book.  It is encouraging to know that I can produce a lot on my little plot of land, and learning as much as I can in order to do so is on the forefront of my mind - especially in the spring.

Do you have specific books you read in different seasons?  

Top 5 Smart Phone Camera Tips!

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I love taking pictures.  Every day when we are homeschooling, or if I am looking at my garden, playing with the kids, my food, anything, I am taking a picture of it.

I remember way back when I got my first real camera, I loved it!  I loved to take pictures.  Unfortunately, when I got those 24 prints back from the store, half of them had my finger over the lens, some were blurry, and I might (if I was lucky) end up with one good picture.  Of course, this was when I was 10, and I have improved a lot over the years!

Taking pictures with my DSLR is something I love to do now, however, lugging around that big camera is not easy.  

Instead, I tend to grab my iPhone 6 whenever I am trying to get a picture - partly because I love the filters you can use through apps, partly because I always have my phone with me, so it is seamless.

recent survey shows an increase in smart phone users taking pictures and sharing them with friends and family through social media.  I am definitely one of those people.  I also want to make sure that I am taking the best picture I can - and often take multiple shots until I find the right one.

Top 5 Smart Phone Camera Tips

Check the Lens - A dirty lens causes blurry photos.  Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe away dirt or lint from the front and back cameras.

Light Your Subject Well - Natural light is always the best option for great pictures, whether using a mobile device or an expensive camera.  The better lit your subject is, the clearer the image is likely to be.

Hold Steady - The steadier the camera is, the clearer your picture will be.  Use a small tripod, or lean your device against a solid surface.

Follow the Rule of Thirds - Avoid placing your subject squarely in the middle of the frame, instead have it a third of the way in.

Take Plenty of Pictures and Learn - The advantage of digital photography is the option to take a bunch of pictures all at once and see them quickly, we have unlimited film!

Fun Photography Apps to Explore

Camera+(for Apple) and Camera for Android - great for photo sharing and editing. Both feature a full photo editor that is very user friendly, along with the ability to connect and share your photos with others.

Adobe Photoshop Express - helps edit photos just like the desktop program – one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, white balance along with blemish and red eye removal and 20 one-touch eye-catching effects to give your photos special “looks.”

Snapseed - helps you tune an image to create depth and vibrancy with color saturation, brightness and contrast and also helps you crop and adjust perspective across the vertical and horizontal axes.

Magnifier & Microscope - allows you to get great close ups of small items or subjects. 

I also love my iPhone for vlogging - come on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Do you take more pictures with your smart phone or your fancy camera?  Any photo tips you would add?

First Rhubarb Crisp of the Year!

When we bought our house almost ten years ago (has it been that long?!), I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was plant a garden.  Growing up, my mom always had a huge garden, and I wanted my kids to have similar memories, as well as understand where our food comes from.

That first summer, we had a jungle of potted plants, and it was awesome.

The next summer, we expanded our garden into the actual ground.  And I soon realized that I wanted to add rhubarb to our garden.

Rhubarb is a perennial.  What that means is that it keeps coming up year after year.  Anytime I can plant something once and have it continue to come back and give delicious fruit – that is a plus in my gardening book!

We had some friends separating out her rhubarb plants, and she graciously gave us three plants to put in our garden.  They didn’t produce much that first year, but all the years since it has given us tons of rhubarb!

Rhubarb is actually a vegetable, but is typically treated as a fruit.  The stalks are red and green, and tart as anything, but they make some amazing desserts and baked goods.  My brother and I used to cut the stalks and dip them in sugar to eat raw, which my kids also love to do.

Rhubarb is also the first edible thing that grows in my garden – besides the dandelions.

This week I decided I wanted to cut some rhubarb and make something.  I had intended to make a rhubarb custard pie which is my favorite, but I didn’t have the energy to make a pie crust, so instead I made rhubarb crisp. 

It was absolutely delicious!  I may have made extra crisp to go on the top, but that is totally OK, right?!

I was a little overzealous in the rhubarb cutting, and have about 6 cups of extra cut up rhubarb, so today I will be getting to that pie, and most likely making a rhubarb coffee cake as well.

Once the initial desire of sweet and tart rhubarb treats is over, I will start canning the rhubarb.  It is super easy, chop, add some sugar, put in a boiling water bath canner, and save for the middle of winter when you want a taste of spring! 

As long as I stay ahead of the seed stalks (cutting those as soon as I see them), the rhubarb will continue to produce delicious, tart stalks right through July.

Have you ever had rhubarb before?  Do you grow it in your garden?

National Learn to Swim Day

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Swimming, oh how I love thee!  I think I spent the majority of my childhood on the lake or in the pool, and it was such a wonderful experience.  I have always wanted to give my children the same experience. 

With Emma and Jack, we did not get them in the water super early, and so they definitely have a little more fear when it comes to swimming.  I knew that I didn’t want that for Lucy.

I was excited to partner with SwimWays to promote National Learn to Swim Day, which is Saturday, May 21st.

National Learn to Swim Day was started by SwimWays in 2012 as a way to educate parents and children about water safety and the benefits of learning to swim.

Last week when we went to the pool for Emma’s birthday, I knew it would be a perfect time to try out SwimWays Baby Spring Float.  This was a wonderful way to introduce Lucy to the water for the first time!

She absolutely loved it!

She loved having us push her around in the pool.  She was extremely at ease, and I was happy to have a float that worked so well for us in the pool.

It was incredibly easy to set up.  You need to blow it up, but it only took a minute or two, and then you are ready to go.  We were at an indoor pool, but the float also comes with a canopy which will be perfect for when we are outside in the pool or at the lake.  I am incredibly pleased with this product, and can’t wait to take Lucy out in it again.

After a little while of her being in the float, I took her out to see how she would like floating around with me, and she was adamant about going back in the float.  She did not want to leave that water for anything, and I was happy to see how comfortable she was.

I also think that seeing how comfortable Lucy was helped Emma and Jack.  Instead of being concerned about themselves swimming, they were having fun talking to Lucy and pushing her around in the float as well.  It was honestly a win-win for me.  I want all of my children to feel as comfortable in the water as I do, and SwimWays was a great introduction to the summer swimming season.

If you would like to learn more about #SwimWays National Learn to Swim Day, there will be a Twitter Party on May 19th from 1-2pm ET.

You can also learn more at the National Learn to Swim Daywebsite, as well as follow SwimWays on Facebook, and Twitter.

When did your children learn to swim?  Were you a fish yourself when you were growing up?

Eight is Great! A Birthday Recap

I'm not sure how we got here so quickly, but last week we celebrated Emma's eighth birthday.  Wow!  It surprised me how emotional it was for me.  I mean, eight seems so much less little kid, and more young lady to me.

We had a lot of fun surprises planned for Emma for her birthday, the first of which was Matt taking the day off from work.  

Several weeks ago we realized a big birthday party would not be in the cards this year.  Instead, I thought that it would be a lot of fun if we created a little scavenger hunt for Emma to go on.  We would write clues and she could follow them to each new surprise throughout the day.

Little did I know how excited the kids would be about a scavenger hunt.  You can watch our video here - 

The first big surprise was going out to breakfast.  My mom also surprised Emma at the restaurant with balloons, and came in with all the wait staff singing happy birthday.  I had a hard time not tearing up at this point - Emma was so happy!

From breakfast we went to the pool at a local spa.  The kids had a great time, and I was happy that no one was in the pool - benefits of going in the middle of the week while school is still in session!  After the pool, I took Emma to get her first pedicure.  She has been talking about it for months, and it was really special for me to be able to have some one on one time with her while she had her toes painted.

We returned home for Lucy to take a nap and to have cake and ice cream as well as open a couple presents.  Her final search for a clue led her down the street to my mom's, where she found out we would be taking her to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  The main purpose was that she wanted to sit on the saddle - we had never been, but she had heard about it from her friends.

Overall, it was an amazing birthday!  We all had a great time, and were exhausted by the end of the day.  In fact, that continued into the next day, where Emma took a nap.  She hasn't taken a nap in quite a while, so it was fun to see that I really wore her out the day before.

We did end up having some of Emma and Jack's friends over on Saturday, but the kids mainly played outside, we had PB&J for lunch, and then Matt took them to the park to run off their energy.  It was a perfect few days!

What is your favorite childhood birthday memory?  Did you always have a party?  

A Homeschool Co-op Survival Kit

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As a mom, I think I live on coffee.  My kids mention it to me regularly actually, that I *need* to have my coffee in the morning.  It seemed like when I started homeschooling two instead of one, the coffee increased, and then when my baby turned into a toddler, I added an extra cup in the afternoon!

With all the coffee consumption, I realized that homeschooling is not a one person job, you need a community.

Finding other parents who are also homeschooling shouldn’t be difficult, but when you are still relatively new to homeschooling, and a serious introvert, stepping out and finding new people proved a little more complicated.  

This past fall we did something new in our homeschool.  We joined a co-op. 

I did not realize going into the co-op the amount of time and energy these other moms would bring in to teach some fun subjects to my children.  It is amazing to see the passion and love that is in that group, and I definitely appreciate them.

I thought that it would be a good idea to make a little homeschool goodie basket, or emergency kit, for those days when we are at co-op.

No matter how much planning goes into the day, there are little things that are forgotten, or needed at the last minute, and this was my purpose in putting together this little basket.

What I included in our homeschool survival basket:

·      Pad of paper
·      Pencils
·      Erasers
·      Pencil
·      Pencil sharpener
·      Tissues
·      Glue
·      Hand sanitizer
·      Lotion
·      Stapler
·      Gum

Having these little items available “just in case” is a help to the other moms, as well as myself.  One of the most important items in that basket though?  The gum.

Did you see that little blurb at the top about the coffee?  Well, that is a common thread among all moms, homeschooling or not, I believe.  And we all know that come 10am, our breath is less than fresh.  I was happy to swing by Walgreens to pick up the new Extra® 35-stick pack.  The Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice® packs make a nice addition to the basket.  Especially come 3pm when we feel like we *need* a treat, but don’t necessarily want to indulge in something sweet…and probably should refrain from an extra cup of coffee!

I also love that the packaging is durable, recycled packaging and that it features more gum – 35 sticks!  Which is great when sharing with the other moms in the group.  And my kids have already requested the packages when they are empty for cases when we go on our nature walks.

What is your plan to Give Extra in order to Get Extra this summer?  Do you have a survival kit for when you are out with other moms?

knitting and reading

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I'm excited to be back with something new this week for the yarn along!  Last week I didn't really have anything new to share, which worked out well because our bathroom flooded, and we ended up needing a new washing machine.  But, now that all of that is taken care of, back to knitting and reading!

This week marks a very special birthday for my oldest, she will be 8!  It is amazing to me that she is going to be 8...honestly it is a little hard to imagine.  What is a birthday without a little handmade goodness.

The purple is a little bolero that I knit for her.  It is essentially a rectangle, and then I just need to sew up the edges a bit to form arm holes for her.  It will be perfect for this spring over all the pretty dresses that she loves to wear.  I really liked the ease of knitting just one big rectangle, and then sewing up the arm holes seems super easy.  I kind of want to make a larger one for me...maybe in a different color though.  While I love purple, I think I would want a more neutral color for a shawl for myself.

I also started knitting dishcloths again.  They are always needed, and I have a lot of cotton hanging around, so I am trying to knit up a few here and there.  This one is a simple basket weave pattern, one of my favorite patterns to knit.

As far as reading goes...I'm not sure if you can see in the picture, but all of those books on my kindle are books that I am currently reading...and not very quickly either.  They are all good books, but I keep jumping back and forth depending on my mood.

I did finish Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  I wanted to love this book.  I love Pride and Prejudice, and I have enjoyed a lot of the different re-tellings that I have read over the years.  This one was horrible.  I read the whole 500+ pages hoping there would be some redeeming quality at the end.  Nope, not even a little bit.  Perhaps it is hard to make Pride and Prejudice into a new, modern story.  But, the whole book was awful.  I can't believe I finished it!

Have you ever read a book that you really dislike, hoping it will turn out better as you read more?  What new projects are you working on this week?

After our Bathroom Flood - a New Washing Machine!

We had quite the eventful week last week!  It started out like any other normal week, that was, until my bathroom flooded.

Apparently our 10 year old washing machine decided that it was time to die.  But not just die quietly, no it decided to break in a way that it would leak all over my bathroom.

I think if this happened a few years ago, I would have been incredibly upset and probably would not have reacted very well.  Thankfully, I have changed and become a much more positive person in the past several years, so I just let it roll off my back!

You can watch a little more about our bathroom disaster here:

Once my husband figured out that the problem was going to be quite costly to fix, we decided to go out and buy a new washing machine.  Little did we know that washing machine technology and government regulations have changed A LOT over the past 10 years since we bought our last washing machine.

I figured that we would buy a newer model top loader, regular old washing machine.  However, they no longer make the regular old washing machines anymore – at least not that we saw.  Everything is high efficiency now. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think high efficiency is awesome.  I think that saving water is incredibly important, especially with the fact that there are so many people that do not have clean water at all.  I guess my main thing is I don’t understand how the clothes will get clean if they are not submerged in water.

The new thing is that the washing machine does not fill up with water, it just saturates the clothes with water.  Top loaders also don’t have a normal agitator to help get really dirty clothes clean.

We ended up getting a front loader, which was not what we planned.  I am not sure how I feel about the new washing machine yet.  I think it is going to take me a little while to figure out the new machine.

I know these are definitely first world problems, but I would love to hear what type of washing machine you use, and if you have any tips and tricks to make sure your clothes are coming out fresh and clean!?

I was happy to get the machine, and then the fact that it was going to be delivered a day later was awesome!  I think that was my biggest concern that I would have to wait for a long time before they could deliver it.  Luckily, I did not have to wait, and then I spent most of the weekend and today catching up on laundry!

It was interesting to hear how everything has changed, and I am hoping that we made a good choice.  You can watch our whole buying experience here:

How do you do your laundry? Do you have any tips and tricks to share with a high efficiency & front loader newbie?

Summer DIY Car Maintenance

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Despite what appears to be never-ending cold temperatures, I know summer is coming.  And since summer is coming, it is time to start getting our car ready for all of those spur of the moment road trips and other outings.

The first step in getting our car ready for Spring and Summer is to switch out the snow tires.  Honestly, we usually do this right at the end of March, but for some reason we left them on a bit later.  This ended up being a good thing since it was snowing last week…

Then we really love to get the kids involved and “detail” the car.  There were days when I was younger, pre-kids, pre-marriage, that I would bring my car to the dealer and have it detailed.  It always came out looking so nice and clean, and smelled new again!  Of course, that is a luxury.  Luckily, I have two little monkeys who really enjoy this sort of “work.”  Perhaps because they get to use the hose!

Letting the kids have a big bucket of soapy water, some sponges, and a hose, they can get the car surprisingly clean, burn off a ton of energy, and have a fun time doing it.

Living in Maine, throughout the winter, the roads are covered with salt and sand.  These can do a number on your car, so getting all the gunk off in the spring is something I always look forward to.

We also use this time to get the inside really cleaned out.  We have three kids, the older two definitely eat snacks in the car, there is trash that needs to be removed, everything needs to be vacuumed out.

Because of the aforementioned cold weather, we haven’t been able to get out for a car washing party yet.  But we have been able to go to the car wash, which is equally as fun in my children’s eyes.  They love to see us spray down the car while they are inside, bonus points if we go through the automatic car wash!

The last thing we like to do is change our air filter.  You know, until a few years ago, I didn’t even realize this was a thing that we should be checking on the car.  Not until I brought my car in for an oil change, and the mechanic explained to me that my air filter was black and no longer working.  Well, goodness, I hadn’t ever heard that before!

FRAM recommends that you change your air filter every 12,000 miles – *follow recommended change intervals as noted in your vehicle owner’s manual.

After paying an arm and a leg to get the filter changed at the mechanic that time, I realized that we should really figure out how to do it ourselves, and since then Matt has been taking care of it – an easy fix, he claimed.  It helps that we can easily purchase the FRAM Extra Guard Air Filter right at Walmart.  It is so much less to buy it and do it ourselves, rather than having a mechanic do it.

Air filters help protect the engine from dirt and end up being the first line of defense for your engine, and also helps engine performance – it can help increase acceleration and horsepower.

I love that you can easily type in your car make and model and figure out exactly which air filter you need.  It made this large aisle of air and oil filters a little less intimidating.

I decided that I wanted to see how easy it is. 

I want to preface this by saying that I know NOTHING about car maintenance.  I typically leave that up to Matt.  But, this year has been about learning new things and becoming a bit more proficient at tasks I usually let Matt take care of.  If an air filter is easy to change, I want to try it!  Plus, most air filters can be changed in less than 5 minutes – I wanted to test that theory!

First up – find out where the air filter is.  When I looked under the hood of our car, I may have gone completely blank.  Luckily, the owner’s manual actually tells you where it is if you don’t know!

Lift up the cover by unfastening the clasps.

Pull out the old filter.  I was surprised to find so many helicopter seed pods from a Maple tree.  I took this opportunity to scoop all that junk out and wiped down the edges of the cover with a cloth to get most of the dust off the cover.

The next step – place the new FRAM filter under the cover.  Then close the cover and call it a day. 

Honestly, I heard the five minute claim, and thought that with my *very* limited knowledge, I would not have a clue how to do it.  I surprised myself.  It was super easy to change, and now I know that I can do it myself!  

What Summer Car Maintenance tasks to you do on your car?