Tips to Help with a Wet Cell Phone

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There is nothing worse than dropping your phone into the water.  I think that I am probably part of the *65% of people who would rather go without TV than their iPhone!  But, it definitely happens.  With it being summer, and everyone at the beach, lake and pool most days, it is inevitable that at some point you may just get your phone wet.

What do you do if you do get your phone wet?

Well, for starters, what you don’t need to do is try and push every button you have getting it to work again – this doesn’t help anything!  Don’t panic.
The best thing to do is act fast.  As soon as your phone gets wet, immediately grab it.  The longer it stays submerged the more likely it will be irrevocably damaged.  Then take the battery out.  If you have an iPhone 6s like I do, it doesn’t have a removable battery – power off the phone immediately!

Then you are going to want to take off all the accessories.  The cases, covers, memory cards and especially the SIM card should all come off and out.  Dry your phone and SIM card as best you can with a dry soft cloth.  Your SIM card may still hold the data even if your waterlogged phone is damaged.

You can use a phone or compressed air to try and blow water out of the cracks and crevices, and to generally do a better job than a towel for drying. 

While I have never tried this myself, I have heard that if you put your wet phone in a bag of dry rice that will work wonders for absorbing water.  You can also save all of those little silica gel packets that come with shoes, electronics and other products.  Pour the contents of the packets into a tightly sealed container, and then if you have a wet cell phone, stick it in the container.

Another great option is to have a back-up plan.  Most people will submerge their smart phone at some point, and being prepared is always the best option.  There are products like Bheestie Bag and Dry-All that are specifically designed to dry out wet mobile devices.  These products can often prevent lingering moisture that can do further damage to your phone.

Have you ever dropped your phone in the water?  What tips would you share?

*According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great info. I've heard of the DIY phone drying method where you put it in a bag of rice, but I had no idea Bhestie or Dry-All existed. I love learning about new products that make my life easier!

  2. I have tried silicone packets before and immersed my phone in rice. I haven't tried compressed air which sounds viable!

  3. I tried rice when I dropped my last phone in water...didn't work! However, it probably didn't help that I kept turning it on and off to see how it was doing. Eventually it wouldn't come on anymore...

  4. We tried rice and it did work for me but probably because it wasn't drenched in water. These are great tips!

  5. I have never tried using rice or silicone packs but that would be a great way of making sure your phone retains data. Luckily I haven't been in that situation.

  6. I always put mine in rice for 2 hours

  7. Awe man, my sweetie needs this. If there was an award for ruining the most electronics by water damage, he would win it…hands down. We've been pretty lucky saving most of his devices using rice.

  8. Yep! I use the rice trick all the time. Once, I had my phone in my back pocket and I forgot about it when I was in a rush to the toilet. =/ Thankfully it worked wonderfully.

    | |

  9. I have not yet had to resort to these techniques, but good to have so I am prepared. Also did not know they make drying bags!

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