Tips for Using Tech to Manage Your Home

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It is amazing how awesome technology is right now!  It seems like you are able to utilize the best of technology in order to easily manage and maintain your homes on a daily basis.  Anything that simplifies my life is a lifesaver in my book.  Having reliable service from U.S. Cellular is a must in order for everything to continue to run smoothly.

I know that I rarely leave home without my iPhone – ok, honestly I don’t think I ever leave my phone at home, and if I do, I turn right around to go get it before I keep on my way.  I am definitely not in the minority; *91% of smart phone users rarely or never leave their phones at home – I’m glad it isn’t just me!

I have talked a lot about how I have a specific morning routine, however, on the days when we are leaving the house early in the morning, that morning routine gets completely revamped into complete chaos and rushing around – I’m still working on it.  It is on these harried mornings that I often forget things like shutting off my coffee pot, and remembering whether I even shut the front door, let alone locked it (hey, I am lucky I remember all three kids!).

Luckily, I am able to use my iPhone to manage my home from home – and that is an incredible thing.

Utilizing WeMo in my home makes those everyday tasks super simple.

Products like the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker make life so much easier.  I can start my coffee right from my phone before I even get out of bed – that is nothing short of miraculous in my book!  And if you forget to shut off the coffee maker when you leave, you can easily shut it off from your phone.  Genius!

We all know how difficult getting dinner on the table can be, so having the ability to control my Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker away from home is a definite bonus.  I think that the crock pot is an amazing invention, and giving it smart capabilities gives it the facelift it needs to make dinner time a snap.

I was really excited to hear that Nest Cam is now available at U.S. Cellular.  Your entire house can be monitored right on your iphone, or any of the other latest devices.  With the night vision feature, you can even keep an eye on things at night.  There is the option of a Nest Secure as well, which will allow you to record up to 30 days of video and keep it safely in the cloud.

The Nest Thermostat gives you the opportunity to monitor your home temperature away from home.  This is perfect for when you are away on vacation.  Recently, my Nana went away for a vacation, and her heat stopped working, which resulted in her pipes freezing, and a subsequent flood.  Being able to monitor the temperature from a phone would have been helpful – and now it is!  I also like the idea of changing the temperature based on when I am away from the house, but being able to turn it up when I am close to getting home so the house can warm up a bit. 

Finally, with U.S. Cellular's Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener, you can turn off the lights or close the garage door while on the go.  Once you shut the garage door, set the alarm using remote monitoring which pairs with your home security system, using a resource such as

Overall, there are so many ways to utilize technology in our homes, and it definitely makes my life a lot easier.

Do you use smart technology in your home?  What would you like to add?

*According to a recent U.S. Cellular survey.


  1. We definitely use smart technology in our home. I sometimes wonder what we would do if we didn't have access to all this technology to make our lives easier on a daily basis.

  2. Wow! I didn't think you could control your coffee or crock pot with a smartphone. That's pretty incredible!

  3. This is amazing! I love controlling my doors, temperature and garage door with my phone!

  4. I really want to add a smart control for our a/c and heat unit. or the lights! These sound amazing

  5. Any time I can use technology to make life easier it is so worth it in the long run!

  6. I am always amazed at the amount of things we can control with our smart phones. I currently do it all the old fashion way! lol

  7. I did not know about this app. I have been interested in the NEST thermostat for a few years, maybe this will help hubby get on board.

  8. I love the simplifying nature of technology but it also scares me at the same time. haha

  9. WOW!! (I'm about to date myself in 3...2...1..) It's like the Jestson's :D
    I had no idea you could do that with your phone! I have two smart televisions, I love 'em.

  10. Its hard not to give into technology when it offers so many great things. We definitely use it a lot on my household!

  11. A smart coffee maker...Yep I need that in my life. I have every other kind of coffee machine. Why not that one? Haha!

  12. Omg, I want that coffee maker, too! My hubby and I were actually talking about Home the other day and how awesome it and we started looking into different gadgets including the Nest range so this post is so helpful for us! I'm all for simplifying my life, too!


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