Practicing Balance and Margin Featuring Bigelow Benefits Tea

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Margin and Self-Care are two terms that have been at the forefront of my mind for months now.  In fact, margin has become so important that it became my word of the year.  Since the start of this year I have been *trying* to practice margin and self-care.  It is definitely a struggle.

Putting margin into practice requires me to slow down.  Slowing down in the world today seems to take a lot more work than it used to.

Practicing Balance and Margin Featuring Bigelow Benefits Tea

Tips to Encourage More Reading in Your Life

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As long as I can remember, reading has always been a passion of mine.  I remember many many nights hiding under my covers with a flashlight to read just one more chapter…and I still am like that today.  When I find a good novel, I am hard pressed to find anything more important to do other than read it. 

When I welcomed my first baby, I realized how important reading was to me, and wanted to foster that same love in my daughter.  So I read, and I read, and I read some more.  Not the typical fairy tales and children’s books, but rather I read what I wanted to read, but aloud to her – Pride and Prejudice, the Harry Potter Series, the Narnia series, AnimalVegetable Miracle, and every homesteading book I could get my hands on.  Surprisingly she would listen, or fall asleep while I read something her mind found incredibly boring (win-win in my book).

Once she got a little bigger though, I realized that the ease of nursing and reading, or reading to a toddler from a real book became a bit more difficult.

knitting and reading

If you saw my Day in the Life post on Monday, you will know that two things are going on right now - my kids are all sick and have had high fevers (me included) and we brought home our new puppy on Saturday.

Yes, it was a perfect time to bring home a new puppy...when everyone was sick...but it was when we had planned to get her, so no backing out!

Homeschool Day in the Life {8, 6, 2 year old}

Some of my most favorite posts to read are day in the life posts.  I think that is also why I enjoy vlogs so much – I love to see the simple, everyday occurrences.  I like to be able to glean little bits of information here and there in order to make my days run more smoothly – or at least that is the attempt!

I had big plans this year.  I wanted to do another day in the life vlog like I did last year.

Unfortunately, that did not happen.  It reminded me of one of the top reasons we homeschool – flexibility.  If you would like to see my post from last year, head here.

knitting and reading

Welcome back to another week of the yarnalong!  

This week I am still working on my cowl - and probably will be for quite a while.  I think I have nine more inches to go before it is technically done.  I'm not sure if I want it to be that bulky or not, and I might make it a little smaller.

I am really enjoying the pattern, it is super easy, which is always a good thing when I don't have a lot of dedicated time for concentration on a pattern.  This way, the kids can still interrupt me all the time, and I don't lose my place!

The only issue that I have had is when I joined to knit in the round I must have twisted the stitches, and so now the pattern will not lay flat.  I realized this after I had knit for a couple hours on it, and I was at a crossroads, do I rip it out and start again?

There was a time when I would most definitely have ripped it out, but seeing as it is a cowl, and the fact that I am just starting to get back into knitting, I decided to let it slide.  I don't think it will have a big impact on the final product...I hope!

As far as reading goes, I am still working through Affluenza.  It is as good as I remember it!  

The kids and I just finished up The Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The kids really enjoyed it, but at the end when they talk about how everyone died, including Lewis, well I think Emma said it best "that book has a horrible ending."  It was a tad depressing, but overall it was a great book the kids and I enjoyed.

I also finally purchased Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie.  I don't know why it has taken me so long to purchase this book, but in my quest for slowing down I knew that it was one I needed to add to my book list. 

As of now I am 6 books ahead on my reading goal for the year, which is really exciting!  I am definitely prioritizing reading this year.  When I have a few minutes free, instead of constantly scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or watching another YouTube video, I am pulling out my kindle and reading a few pages.  So far it is working!

How are you practicing self-care this week?