31 Days of Finding Freedom in Simplicity - How Simplicity Provides Freedom

Over the past several days we have been working on our big picture dreams, and figuring out how to break those down into goals.  But, I know what you are asking yourself, how does simplicity provide freedom?

We have managed to define that simplicity looks different for everyone.  Just because someone thinks of simplicity as living off the grid does not mean that is your definition of simplicity.

But how does simplifying your decisions, your finances, your outside obligations, even your possessions, give you freedom?

You will find that when you start to simplify your life, your heart will be lighter.  You will have the option to be more carefree, instead of worrying about the next thing.  Simplicity means lightening your load, and when that happens you will find peace and freedom in that simplicity.

It may sound strange, and you may think to yourself, what does that even matter?  But, when your heart is lighter, your entire outlook on life changes.

Does this mean there will never be difficulty – absolutely not, and in fact there are times when it will be more difficult.  Stepping off that main path, taking a detour when everyone says the direct route is right in front of you, can be difficult.  I can’t say that everything will be easy from here on out, as we have discussed before just because you are striving for simple living, or simplicity, does not mean that life becomes easy, far from it.  However, when we strive for simplicity, the freedom, the lightness that simplicity provides will change our perspective.

Remember that when you are simplifying your life, your decisions, your finances, you are saying no to the things that are not bringing value to your life, or that you do not value to begin with.  This makes so much more room for the yes that you want to say.  Instead of having to say no to something you are passionate about, you are able to say no to the things that aren’t important to your family’s mission, and say yes to that one thing that is so important.

As we move through the rest of this month, we will be going through some ways to actually make those changes, practical tips that will help you to simplify your life.  You are not trying to fit yourself and your family into one idea of simple living or simplicity; rather you are making your own way.  Knowing yourself and your family is very important in this project, so I recommend going back and looking at your family mission statement, and your list of values.  What is the most important thing for you?

What is one thing that you can remove from your life today that will create lightness in your heart?

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