31 Bags in 31 Days - Day 1

It is here!  The first day of the 31 Bags in 31 Days challenge!  Are you ready?  I certainly am. 

Get rid of 31 Bags of *stuff* in 31 Days - Day 1

This is how the challenge will work.  Each day throughout the month of March your goal is to get rid of one bag of “stuff.”  Now, that bag can be any size you would like.  Some days it may be the size of a grocery store plastic bag, or it could be as big as an outdoor leaf bag.  It doesn’t matter the size of the bag, only that you are working to get rid of the extra that you no longer need.

How do you know what to get rid of?

First off, I would recommend that this challenge is not the challenge to start with going through memory boxes or pictures, or anything sentimental really.  You may realize as you get towards the end of the month that you are at a place to start doing that, but I would focus on the easier stuff, papers, old toys, clothes that no longer work for you or your family; at least at the beginning of this challenge.

Where should you start?

I mentioned in my last post that you should start with trash.  I know that sounds so funny, but it is where you should start.  I am not talking about kitchen trash, although it is always good to get rid of that as well.  I am talking about excess paper, toys that are broken, games missing pieces, pens that no longer work.  We all have a junk drawer, start there. 

While I did say don’t go through the sentimental stuff first, you can start with the drawings and other papers that you have on your fridge right now.  I’m sure there are things that have been there far too long, and you no longer need.  I just noticed that I still had Halloween pictures that Emma made on our large freezer in our entryway…probably can get rid of those now.

As we move throughout the month, I will be checking in here to let you know how my progress is going.  I will also be checking in on Instagram.  I hope that you will join me as we declutter our homes, and get ready for spring cleaning!

What is one area of your home that needs a good decluttering?

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  1. This is such a great idea! In my family, each member has to choose one item to get rid of for each day in Lent...and with 8 of us in the house, that really adds up. (I have to admit, even though this is a Lenten mortification for my children, I may be enjoying the extra space a liiiitlle too much. ;)


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