31 Days of Finding Freedom in Simplicity – Day 1

A funny thing happens when you get older – you start to wish
for a simpler time. 
You want to be able
to have the freedom that you had when you were younger, but with all the perks of
being an adult.
  There is a
longing for when you didn’t have as much responsibility, as many to-do lists,
and errands to run, when you had more time to enjoy life instead of running off to the next thing.
What if there was a way for you to get back to that simpler
This month we will explore how you and I can both find
freedom in simplicity.
31 Days of Finding Freedom in Simplicity - Introduction


This will not be a series about the back to the land
movement, or local everything (although that is a nice way to simplify).  Nor will it be a call to turn off all
technology.  I have wanted to do that
numerous times, until one of my kids has a question about something that I don’t
know, and cannot for the life of me find the answer in one of the hundreds of
books that we own.  It also won’t specifically be about minimalism – we live in a 2400sf house, that does not scream minimalism to me.
What it will be, however, is a journey of small steps that
you can take in order to bring your stress level down, to decrease the amount of decision fatigue that we all feel every day.
Taking a moment to breathe when you need to, rather than running off to
the next thing because that is what you usually do.
31 Days of Finding Freedom in Simplicity


Freedom to fearlessly pursue your passions is something that everyone longs for, but we have
become so weighed down by the world, by what society says we should be doing;
weighed down by the fear we aren’t doing enough, we aren’t doing it right, and
there is something better that we need to find.
Will you join me?
This post will act as a table of contents of sorts.  I will be putting all of the posts for this
series in this post for easy reference.
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What would you do with more freedom in your life, in your
schedule day to day?  What if you could
rid yourself of all that stress of the constant barrage of decisions you need
to make?  What if you could find that
inner peace in order to be able to live your life to the fullest and pursue
your passions with vigor, instead of dreaming about them as something that you
will get to, eventually?


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  1. I would travel, read, or create if I had more time. I would spend more time with friends and family. I would hopefully remember to enjoy the moment. I will be reading more of your posts in this series.

    visiting from: http:www.untroubled.org/lori

  2. My days are long but I'm so appreciative for every work contract that comes my way. I was home with my oldest daughter and for the longest time felt guilty about not being able to give that same experience to my youngest. Although it feels like it's not possible, I definitely need to slow down and simplify.

  3. I need to simplify my life and learn to let go of things that are dragging me down. Freeing myself from toxic constraints can free up my time for other things that are more positive x

  4. It is so true. When I moved earlier this year, I took a very minimalistic approach to life, my closet, my decoration and just everything. I feel like the more I let go off everything the more relaxed I feel. I spend less time worrying about things that before would drive me crazy.

  5. When I think of my childhood, I fondly remember what it was like to live only for the moment. I didn't stress out about tomorrow. I just thought about now. And I'd love to have more moments like that as an adult. I've been meditating quite a bit lately and find that to be super helpful.

  6. I've recently embraced the concept of simplicity and it's so freeing. I constantly fight the urge to over-commit and go 100 MPS, but am learning the value of taking time to slow down and enjoy the good life. It really is a refreshing change.

  7. This is a really cool idea. I know I need to allow myself a break once in a while. I actually am leaving the kids with my husband and going to Disney with just my girls the first week of November so that will be a nice get away

  8. I am in a constant state of go. Like today..i got up, started working while drinking my coffee…my daughter got up, fixed her breakfast…went back to working…started homeschooling…still working while she is doing her lessons…took a break to fold and put away laundry…went back to working, while eating lunch…constant state of go. I need to slow down!

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