Homemaking and Homeschooling Introduction

As homeschoolers, you think of homemaking and homeschooling as going hand in hand.  Is that really the case though?  On the one hand, you and your kids are home a lot more during the day.  This should easily lead to getting more cleaning done.  What really happens moms?  We struggle with keeping the house cleaned up.

What you need to remember is that homeschooling is a full-time job.  The difference is that this is a full-time, work-at-home job.  That means that you are going to have your kids in the home.  What do kids do?  They make messes.

This isn’t at all a bad thing, but it is going to take some readjustment of our perspective on homemaking and homeschooling together.

We all want to have a clean house.  But, the level of cleanliness – or I should say tidiness – is going to heavily depend on each family.  Yes, we are to train our kids to do chores.  Yes, we want them to have a good understanding of picking up after themselves.  However, to try and continuously tidy and do other homemaking tasks while homeschooling does not work.

Why doesn’t it work?

Because homeschooling is a full-time job.  It is better to give your kids the undivided attention they need during the set homeschool day, than to multi-task yourself through the day.

This week we will be concentrating on how to make homemaking and homeschooling work in your busy home.

We will tackle why you need to accept that your home as a homeschooler will be different than those of your non-homeschooling friends.  Why I pack a lunch for my kiddos, and how that has decreased a lot of stress in our day.  The one that all homeschoolers seem to have trouble with – how to get dinner on the table.  We will be dealing with clutter.  Finally, we are going to do some expectation vs. reality when it comes to a cleaning schedule.

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