How to Make the Best Iced Coffee

I love coffee.  I know I have mentioned it before, but there it is.  I love it.  I love to hear the coffee pot going in the morning, I love the smell, and I love a nice hot cup of coffee as soon as I get up (but after I brush my teeth!).

Something happens in the summer though, I still love my hot coffee first thing in the morning (Maine mornings are cold!), but once that first cup is gone, I tend to want iced coffee.

Now, while I love to go to my local coffee shop and get iced coffee once in a while, it is definitely not a daily (or even weekly) occurrence.  We are still in our debt payoff strategy, and unfortunately coffee out is not a need.

A couple of years ago I had finished my morning coffee, and realized I still had a bit left in the pot.  I didn’t want to throw it away, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.  I decided I would put it in the freezer in an ice cube tray, figuring that I could use it with the other ice for my iced coffee later on in the day.

However, I ended up with an entire tray full of coffee ice cubes.  

When I went to make my afternoon iced coffee, I decided to use only the coffee ice cubes, and it kind of changed my life.

No longer did I have a layer of water on top of my coffee as the ice melted, instead, I had a layer of coffee, which I then just mixed into the rest of the iced coffee.

An incredibly simple way to make iced coffee!  Freeze coffee in ice cube trays, put in a jar, top with more coffee and add a bit of cream or milk.  Delicious!

Do you make your own coffee creations at home?  How do you like your coffee in the summer?

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  1. Oh this looks fantastic! I can't start my day without iced coffee, but I'm sick of wasting so much money at the coffee shop. I'll have to try your method!

  2. Iced coffee is one of my favorite treats to enjoy during the summer. I love being able to make it at home and not spending ridiculous prices for it at expensive coffee shops.

  3. I definitely make my own creations, especially since it's summer, which seems to give a whole host of recipe options. I never considered doing ice cubes! I'll be trying that the next time I use my Ninja!

  4. I'm not really a coffee drinker, but I love everything made out of coffee from cakes, cookies, or even pudding. Now I will add to my list your recipe. A great simple recipe, and I can't wait to try it.

  5. Ok – I am ALL about iced coffee, even in the freezing winters in Cleveland. And your idea about the coffee ice cubes is genius, and I'm so going to start doing that asap. Makes perfect sense and perfect iced coffee!
    Karen |

  6. I am a coffee obsessed person! I share your enthusiasm for brewing it in the morning but only drinking it after the teeth have been brushed 😉 There's something about it that's just part of my routine and I feel off without it.

  7. I'm not a coffee drinker but I love chai tea. I'm going to try your trick with my leftover tea! I'm on a snowball debt reduction plan, BTW, and I am seeing success. Hope you are too!

  8. I don't call myself Caffeine Girl for no reason! I order Peet's coffee from California. You can buy it at one of my local grocery stores, but it's not as fresh as the directly mailed coffee.
    When I want to make iced coffee, I use a French press and start it the night before. I put it in the refrigerator over night, then press down the plunger when I'm ready for coffee.

  9. I get coffee from Dunkin Donuts every day. I have no other vices so to speak, so that is how I treat myself. I do make it at home if I need a 2nd or 3rd cup and love the ice cube idea 🙂

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