deciding to homeschool

I’m not entirely sure what made me think of homeschooling.  I wasn’t homeschooled.  In fact, I had a really great experience in public school.  I enjoyed most of my teachers.  I was involved in music.  I had my friends.  And I most definitely had all of the crazy ideas that homeschooled kids were strange.  Then I had my little Emma, and decided I wanted to homeschool.  Funny how much you change when you have kids.

Now, my oldest is only 3 1/2 and my son is 16 months, so clearly I am jumping on the bandwagon super early.  Where we live we don’t have to start reporting until they turn 7.  Yet, when Emma was just a few months old I started researching different styles of teaching, and different curriculums available.  There is so much out there!  And I completely reserve the right to change my mind as we move through the years. 

I think that homeschooling will work for us, but it won't necessarily work for everyone.  Some people may have an amazing public school system close by, others may not be able to invest the amount of time due to both parents working.  I totally get that.  I don't really know anyone that homeschools, so I am sure I look like the strange one here :-)  For me, I feel like I will be able to give my kids the best education.  

Currently, I am “eclectic” in my approach to homeschooling.  Of course that means something different to each person who uses the term, but for me it means a lot of reading, a lot of interest led learning, and a lot of arts/crafts/music/open ended toys.  I love the idea of unschooling, but I think that I am too controlling to leave my babes’ education in their own hands…did I mention they are still babes?!  I don’t think they would be able to know what they would want or need to learn without guidance from me.  I do feel that as they get older and are interested in certain areas, I will most definitely encourage that passion in as many ways as possible.

In all reality I probably don’t need to be concerned as much with styles and curriculum this early.  I like to research though, and feel like once I should have it all together as to what we need to learn and when, I will be ahead of the game. 

Do you homeschool?  Is there a specific style of teaching/learning style that you gravitate towards?

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