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There has been a lot of buzz recently about family cloth - do you know what it is?  The choice to not buy rolls and rolls of toilet paper, and instead use cloth wipes for your special bathroom needs :-)  I haven't written too much about it, since it is definitely a personal thing, and something most people find completely insane.  However, I decided today was the day!

We do use family cloth - for everything.  I decided to use family cloth after I had my first baby.  We were cloth diapering, and using cloth wipes on her.  It wasn't an immediate thing.  In fact, it wasn't even on my radar until I saw a post by Sara at Walk Slowly, Live Wildly - which I can't seem to find now.  But it was a picture of her little basket with all these pretty wipes in it, and that made me want to try it.

So, after perfecting my wipe solution recipe, I did it.  I stopped buying toilet paper, and started using the wipes.  My husband wasn't immediately on board.  I think that it is definitely something that people need to get used to, and he had a bit of time to get used to it.  But, when the toilet paper ran out, and he had no other choice in the matter, well, he liked it.

Warning: Gross personal discussion below!

There is a definite ick factor with cloth wipes.  I have heard of lots of families that will only use it for #1.  For some reason, after I had kids, I no longer was grossed out by anything, and this would be one of those things that gross most people out.  As I said above, we were already cloth diapering, so we already had a system in place for cleaning the diapers and wipes.  However, baby poo is a lot different than adult poo.  What has really helped, in my opinion, is bumGenius Diaper Sprayer.  Just like with the babes' diapers/wipes, we spray them before they go in the bucket, which cleans off most of the wipe.  I think that if I had to go in and deal with my husband's wipes, all bets would be off, but I don't touch them - and never will :-)

When I go to do laundry, I dump the entire bucket in the washing machine, do a rinse, hot wash with my homemade laundry soap, and then dry them outside or in the dryer on hot.  They come out fresh and clean, and we haven't turned back since.

It has been almost 4 years since we started using family cloth.  There have definitely been some awkward moments when explaining to friends and family.  Of course I continue to encourage my family and friends to try it - to which they all nervously laugh and wonder if I will have toilet paper when they come to visit.  I do; I keep a couple rolls on reserve for guests.

So tell me, do you use family cloth?  Would you consider it?  Do you think that if your family tried it once, they would be on board, like my husband, or do you think they would jump out a window to get away from it instead?  My kids don't know any different, so there is no issue for my oldest on using the wipes.  I think that is the key, they won't be grossed out if it is something they have always done!

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  1. We use cloth diapers and have a sprayer - so we're halfway there? ;-) I'd try it I guess. Not crazy about the idea of more yucky laundry though!

  2. I started using cloth diapers when my son was 7 months, then transitioned into cloth wipes and then into the family cloth. We only use it for #1, the only issue is sometimes my 3 year old forgets and she has flushed one or two! I came to this because we are determined to have me stay home with the kids and some weeks grocery money is tight, so when you only have $30 would you rather spend $5-$10 on toilet paper or food items?! Seems clear to me;)

    1. Yes! I was looking for ways to save money as well! Once my husband started working from home, I realized that we were going through an extensive amount of toilet paper. So, family cloth it is! I would much rather be able to buy food, than have to deal with buying toilet paper...or paper towels...or napkins :-)

  3. I have been giving this a try and think it works just fine but so far it is only me - not my husband or children. I don't think my husband will ever do it unless we are in an emergency situation but he doesn't think that it is gross for me to do it so at least I have educated him that far. My kids are still adjusting to the idea and I am not pressuring them. I do use it only for #1 and even with that I spray off with water before I wipe. Even just me using them allows for us to buy less TP.

  4. I'm in the same position as Abbi. I use them for #1 only, and hubby and the kiddo still uses tp. It still has cut down on the amount of money I spend on tp since I am female. Kiddo totally FREAKS if he gets what he considers low on tp. That would be a roll on the roller and one in back up and he's telling me I need to buy more tp.

    I'm content with the way it is at the moment. BUT if something were to happen and we were forced to go without tp, I would be totally comfortable with it and they would have to still go through an adjustment period. I would rather spend money on food than tp, paper towels or paper napkins. The latter two I never buy any more. They hollered about it for a while, but they are used to it now.

    I make my cloths out of old flannel sheets, old baby receiving blankets found for .25 each at thrift stores and I repurposed my sons' old receiving blankets and flannel baby wash cloths. My expense for my cloths have been about $1. Four baby receiving blankets make quite a few!

  5. Good for you. I use cloth toilet paper too. I use cloth everything in our home really.I am the only one in my family that uses cloth but only for number ones.

  6. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth 'paper' towels & napkins - okay ... all okay .. I am sorry I cannot give up traditional toilet paper. We do, however, buy Cascades - which is made from a lot of recycled paper at least, and when bought in bulk turns out to be only $0.75 per roll of 250 sheets. (I just cannot justify washing my hubby's poop to save 74 cents! - sorry) Amazing for your family though.
    I was wondering, as a woman, do you use washable pads & or the Diva cup for that lovely monthly visitor? The Luna Pad ( do work quite well for most days. :D


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