Organized Simplicity - Part 2 Mission Statement

I really did not expect that writing a family mission statement would be difficult for me.  Surprisingly, very difficult.  See, I am really good at making goals, but a general statement about our life as a family unit was an interesting challenge.  It took me a while to figure out what was really truly important to me as an individual, and then to look at my family and what we want out of life.

One part of this chapter that really stuck out to me was “be creative and original.”  That is kind of hard when there are such awesome examples available!  I really liked Kara Fleck’s statement “to be focused on peace.”  I think that could go for me as well.  Peace is something I am always striving for in the home, although not necessarily accomplishing it even half the time J

Another word that I would use would be simplicity.  I want our life to be simple, no debt, less tv, more family interaction, more time with God, less stress.  Focusing our lives on being satisfied with what God provides instead of constantly looking to the next thing.  Not becoming so busy with everything around us that we forget who we are and bring discontent into our home in order to make others happy or live up to something we are not.

So for our family:

Put God First.  Live simply.  Be good stewards of God’s creation and the time we are given.  Promote peace in our home.  Encourage creativity and learning.  Always show our love for one another.

I am sure that I can flesh out those points even further, but for now this is what we have settled on.  I like it. I am not sure it is a real mission statement, or if it is more what we value as individuals, which I guess could be a mission statement…

Did you come up with a family mission statement this week?  Have you used a mission statement to help you make life decisions?  I would love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. What a great mission statement, good for you!

  2. That is perfect. I would have a very similar one for our family. You have given me something to think about. Peace be with you and your family today.


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