Orange Stuff and a Recipe

When I was growing up my mom always made the best food.  Actually, she still makes the best food, but the difference is that I know a lot of her recipes now as well!

Whenever we had any type of celebration, food was always at the center of it.  Those flavors and those dishes give me such fond memories, and it is something that I have always wanted to give to my children as well.

I love how when you have a certain food, it brings up memories.  Isn’t that amazing!  How can eating something that you once ate years ago remind you of so much?  Perhaps it isn’t a common occurrence.  But, for me, there are so many foods that remind me of specific memories.  There are all the sweets at Christmas, the delicious grilled salmon my mom would make in the summer, and of course that first time my brother and I had lobster.

This past weekend I decided to make an old summer favorite for Jack’s birthday BBQ.  It isn’t something that is healthy, or local, but it is a delicious dish that reminds me of my childhood, and long days on the boat followed by a big BBQ with friends.

The recipe is called Orange Stuff.

I think it is similar to the ambrosia salad of long ago, and heard it referred to as close to “Watergate Salad” this past weekend.  So, perhaps you know this recipe as something else – but it is one that I love, and that my children also love!

Orange Stuff
1 large container Cool-Whip (defrosted)
16 oz small curd cottage cheese (full fat please!)
1 large box of orange jello
8 oz crushed pineapple
8 oz mandarin oranges
2 cups mini marshmallows
Mix all ingredients together, chill for a bit, then serve.

It may sound a bit strange, but trust me, it is delicious!  I had not made this for several years, and I cannot figure out why I was waiting.  It is the perfect summer dessert to me…or breakfast the next day. 

Do you have a favorite recipe from childhood?  Does food bring back amazing memories for you?

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