{31 Days} Back to Basics Day 30

This month I am participating in the nester’s {31 Days} challenge.
 My topic for the month is Back to Basics.  If you would like to
follow along you can find all of my posts here.

I will let you in on
something – I am a little strange.  OK,
maybe a lot strange!  I make a lot of odd
choices when it comes to life.  First it
was local food, cloth diapers & wipes, making laundry soap – choices that
most people do not think about; choices that may cause friction when you talk
about them.
I think over the past
several years local food has become more main stream.  I remember after first watching Food Inc. I
wanted everyone I knew to also watch it. 
My brother didn’t want to.  Not
because he didn’t agree with the message of the documentary (as told by me),
but because once your eyes are open to something it is hard to go back.
In those early days of
changing to local food for my family, I told everyone I saw what I was doing
and why.  I could not figure out what I
didn’t have a long line of people totally agreeing with everything that I
said!  This stuff was serious, and so
important to me!  Honestly, I think they
mainly tuned me out and smiled politely, I might come on a bit strong at times
It is hard when you are
extremely passionate about something and your friends and family are not.  For a long time, my husband thought I was
crazy with all the local food changes. 
He could have cared less if the hamburger he was eating came from next
door, or from 100 cows in the Midwest – he just wanted to eat the
hamburger.  Actually, I’m not sure he
totally agrees with my philosophy on these changes now, but he goes along with
it because he has seen that it is a healthy choice for our children.
So what do you do with
those that don’t agree with you?  Agree
to disagree.
  I would love to
come up with something more profound, but that is it.  You, individually, have to make your own
choices, and you are only responsible for those choices.  You can still voice your opinions, but if
people don’t make your changes, it is OK. 
A lot of the changes that
I am making to get “Back to Basics” are incredibly personal ones.  It is difficult when people view you
differently because of those choices, or want to judge you for making
compromises on choices you defend so vehemently.  No one is perfect.
I think a lot of the
changes and judgments can be compared to political beliefs.  Sometimes you wonder what in the world the
other side is thinking, but you have to remember that every person has
different life experiences that lead to their beliefs and choices.

How do you deal with people who don’t
agree with your choices?

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  1. I feel like its definitely more trendy and mainstream these days to get back to the basics. My journey started in college but when I think of it, growing up we ate local when we could and the local farms were where we got groceries a lot of the time. This of course was before there were GMOs and Mosanto started its quest to take over the world. I like your idea of Agree to Disagree and feel like everyone makes their own choices and decisions based on their needs. I feel like everyone needs to do what's right for them, we can encourage change and try to educate friends and family but if they aren't ready, they won't accept it. Ignorance is bliss! For now, I'm educating our kids and raising them to be well aware of what they are putting into their bodies and the source. It's hard though, and everyone's journey is unique.

    1. Absolutely! Everyone's journey is unique. I think sometimes it is hard for both sides to accept that. But, like my husband and I, we agree to disagree on the philosophy behind the changes, but still make them because we know that they are good for our kids. I also grew up buying local food, having a huge garden, things that kids don't necessarily have the opportunity for these days. I think it is awesome that you are starting them off with all of this knowledge!

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