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{31 Days} Balancing Kids Activities with the Need for Family Time

This is a really hard topic for me to talk about.  I have major opinions on both sides of this,
and they don’t seem to meet anywhere close to the middle.  I think that kids’ activities are incredibly
important, but I also think that there are other ways to get kids involved in
life without participating in sports or extracurricular activities.

On the one hand, I love that my kids love sports.  I did not like sports growing up, and
gravitated towards all things music instead. 
But, I didn’t actually get fully involved with music outside of school
until high school (if you don’t count piano lessons).
Both of my kids really enjoy sports, and my husband was into
sports when he was in school as well, so we wanted to give them the opportunity
to be involved.  Of course, I knew that
the time commitment would be considerable as soon as Jack and Emma were both in
sports, but I persevered!

This year will be the first year that we will have competing
schedules between my older two kids and their sports, and I am not looking
forward to it.  I am still holding out
hope that one of the kids decides not to participate in basketball so that the
schedule isn’t quite as hectic. 
That is the other side of the coin for me.
I don’t like the idea of my family being scattered for a few
months out of the year, racing from one practice to the next, and not really
having the ability to all sit down together as a family more than one or two
nights a week.
How do you balance that?
How do you allow your kids to become involved in the
activities they want without giving up that family time? 

Balancing Kids Activities with the Need for Family Time

Honestly, I do not know. 
It is something that we are working on though.  Is there a way that we can have the kids
involved and still be able to carve out enough family time?  Or do we continue on this path and understand
that for specific seasons we will not be together very often.
Considering my kids are all 8 and under at this moment, it
seems a little silly to think about it in such a way, but surprisingly this is
the way it works.  I’m not sure I want to
give up all of these years in order to run around to different activities for
one child.
I have been digging into the archives over at FIMBY
and found this post I read a long while ago about choosing a family activity overteam sports.  That has really
resonated with me recently.
It is something that I am definitely willing to do, although
with Lucy being not even two yet, it becomes a little difficult to find an
activity we can all participate in together. 
I also know that my husband really values the team sports aspect.
I’m not sure this post will help anyone with overcoming
overwhelm this month, but it is something that I tend to war with myself about
frequently.  Especially because our busy
season of basketball starts relatively soon. 
That is when everything gets a lot more complicated, and very much

How do you balance
kids’ activities with need for family time? 
Do you have certain seasons where that isn’t possible?

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  1. I am not a parent yet but I am sure the overwhelm feeling is a daily challenge. I am so glad you made a post to make it a little easier and hopefully help some families out here.

  2. You can't skimp on family time. It can be hard to find the balance. Instead of doing several extra curricular activities, my son did one or 2 at a time so that we had some time during the week to spend together.

  3. I agree, it can be really hard to give up family and personal time in order to make extracurricular activities work. We didn't show up to a tennis class this weekend, and it was a huge relief for all of us.

  4. I know my family dealt with this when I was growing up. With 4 kids all in different activities it can get crazy! We did do one year where my brothers joined one sport and me and my sister joined one. It was fun for a little while but not sustainable lol!

  5. I think it is so hard when you throw in a few activities or even one for each kid. Our oldest is in dance and swim lessons. She takes dance at school and swims that afternoon. I put them on the same day so only one day would feel crazy.

  6. It can be so hard to balance everything! My oldest only has one hour of gymnastics a week, but that day seems so much more hectic than the others. Keeping the little one entertained at the gym is a struggle!

  7. For us, we balance the kids activities by participating with them. I know that isn't possible for everyone, but it works for us. My Husband gets in the pool with my son at swim lessons!

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