{31 Days} Intentional Living – Day 23

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The last couple of weeks I have talked about getting the kids toys taken care of and also letting my kids make messes.  Today I want to talk about praying for my kids.  Obviously we all want the best for our kids. That is not a stretch by any means.  But, do we actually put into thought what we want for our kids?  Or do we just try to raise them as best as we can without thinking about the future?

I’m not saying we should waste away what is now, I am saying that we should be preparing them for a life away from us.  We want them to make good decisions, we want them to have the morals that we think are important.  We want to feel secure when they do eventually leave the nest.

One thing that I tend to forget about is praying specifically for my kids.  I want them to be their best self, and sometimes while in the thick of life, I pray for patience for myself, I pray for a happy day, or for the kids to go down for rest time around the same time.  I forget to pray about the characteristics that I hope they end up having, I forget to pray for their maturity and decision making ability as they grow.

This week I am concentrating on praying for the specific attributes that I want my children to have.  That and peace for my family.  I think that is something that I seem to skip over a lot, which I shouldn’t with a 4 and 2 year old at home!

The opportunity to be intentional about prayer for my children (and myself) is something that I don’t do as frequently as I ought to.  So, I am hoping that I can start that now.

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  1. So needed and wonderful. I think it really shows a lot to the kids too when you take the time to pray with and in their presence FOR them. Another way to show them your love and create an easy daily habit.

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