How to Put Together a Homeschool Portfolio – Supplies

This is the first part in a series on how I am putting together our homeschool portfolio for evaluation this year.  This is our first year completing one, and I haven’t found a lot of information out there, so I am hoping this is useful to others out there!

While we have been homeschooling for a while, this will be
the first year that I will put together a homeschool portfolio. 
I am happy that Maine offers this option when it comes to evaluating
the progress of homeschool students.  In
Maine we have a few different options, but the main ones are a standardized
test or to put together a homeschool portfolio to be reviewed by a Maine
licensed teacher.

The scrapbooker in me immediately wanted to do the
homeschool portfolio.
As the time gets closer for me to actually put the portfolio
together, I am getting a bit more nervous. 
Trying to figure out what I should include in a portfolio is slightly
overwhelming.  In all honesty, I would
like to give someone the box that holds everything we have done this year so
far and say go at it!  Of course that
isn’t how it works.
What is the first step when creating a homeschool portfolio?
For me the first step is to gather supplies.  There are many ways that you can put together
a homeschool portfolio, so if you don’t like my ideas, no big deal, do what
works for you!  However, I have been
spending a lot of time online trying to find examples of homeschool portfolios,
and I have come up empty.  I hope that my
ideas help spark some for you!
What supplies will I need?
3 Ring Binder
Sheet protectors
4×4 picture inserts
Not a very long list! 
Obviously this list does not include what I plan to put in the binder as
far as school work goes, but these are the basic supplies I will need to put
the portfolio together.
I wanted to use a pretty yet durable binder, because I know
that we will be keeping this for the length of Emma’s school career.  I love the greenroom binders from
Target.  They are pretty, yet
functional.  The one I have is 1.5
inches, and I think that will be plenty of space for what I want to
include.  As the years go on I will
probably have to increase the binder size, but considering Emma is just 7, this
one should suffice.
The dividers I picked up also at Target in the dollar
spot.  I need the dividers for each of
the subject areas required by my state, as well as a few extra sections that I
plan to include.

My purpose in getting 4”x4” picture holders is because I
tend to take pictures of the kids “doing school” on Instagram.  Often when we are out and about it is easier
to snap a picture of something rather than take out a notebook and jot down a
bunch of notes.  I love to have these
pictures for my own personal albums anyways, so why not include some of them
for school.  I tend to tag all of my
pictures of the kids homeschool activities with #homeschooling which makes
finding the pictures I want relatively easy. 
I can upload them right to snapfish from my phone using their app, order
and done.  Super easy!
After I gather up all of my supplies, the next step is to
figure out how I want to lay everything out, and of course what I plan to
include in the portfolio.  I will share
those things as I put the portfolio together! 
This is just the first step in, what I see as, a longish process.

Do you put together a
portfolio of your child’s work from the school year as a keepsake, or as a
homeschool portfolio for review?  I would
love to see what your supplies are!

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    1. We currently use a lot of different programs. We are using Sonlight for our main history/literature, we use Brave Writer for writing, Singapore math and Teaching Textbooks for math. Apologia for science We love reading in our home, so a lot of our learning comes from reading great books. If you click on the video tab at the top of the website there will be a few day in the life videos that you could take a look at and see what our days are like! Please let me know if you have any more questions! You can use the contact form at the top of the website to e-mail me directly 🙂

  1. Love the paper design, and I think its a great idea. My kids are grwon but I try to find ways for the to create, even if its helping me paint.

  2. I've just begun to create a travel portfolio to refer back to the happy memories. I'm definetely one for organisation and at home crafts to. Love your design and ideas!

  3. I've really been looking into homeschooling lately for my youngest. With this common core stuff, I'm not so sure I can handle public schools any longer. This is a great resource for those wanting help to start.

  4. Our state doesn't require portfolio but reading your post I decided that I want to make one. Scrapbooking is my passion and every year I put a book for each kid with the projects they did that year, but I haven't considered making one to record other aspects of schooling (besides projects). I am really excited about putting it together. I know it would be a bit overwhelming to decide what I want to include….

  5. My mom shoulda done this, instead of trying to keep every paper I brought home from school and gave to her xD A few years after I was out of highschool and my dad moved out of the house we lived in for that time, and I went to visit him he handed me a plastic grocery bag full of school work he had randomly found that had been forgotten about. Full of stuff from 4th grade. No idea why it was saved or where it was hiding! So, I gave it to my mom, since she was the one holding on to it anyway, ha. No idea what she's done with it (but hopefully tossed it…though I doubt that somehow!).
    And, really, anything to avoid the stupid standardized testing that the states love to use. Nothing like spending a month or two reviewing things just for a test that for some reason dictates what you know or don't know! 😉 I mean, uh, I didn't mind them personally (and it's practice for the SAT or whatever the heck test they're using now), but they were still stupid 😛

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