{31 Days} Intentional Living – Day 25

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It has been getting easier to not have the computer on, not check my e-mail or facebook.  I really didn’t expect that from this month.  I thought I would talk a lot about self-sufficiency, making sure that we have enough healthy food to eat, and making sure that I make most of it from scratch.  That is still important to me, but it seems this month is more about getting rid of technology – at least in my day to day.

I’m not planning on disconnecting completely, but there have been more days this past month of me not turning the computer on in the morning to check my e-mail or read up on my favorite blogs.  I have an iphone that sits in my office unused.  Last night I went to bed and didn’t even bring the phone upstairs with me – totally unheard of considering I spend a large portion of my nighttime wakefulness playing solitaire and writing e-mails.

It is kind of interesting to see myself put all of these steps that I have been talking about for some time into practice.  Will I completely disconnect sometime?  Perhaps.  I have to say not watching the news, and not reading all the craziness related to the election on facebook has definitely given me a bit more peace!

I’m sorry I wasn’t here yesterday, but I plan to finish out the end of the month, and will probably have more of these introspective posts coming soon!

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  1. Good for you! Don't apologize gal 🙂 Disconnecting can be a very good thing–it's incredible how much we live for technology these days rather than the many, many other things we used to live for, no? People are always surprised that I don't watch the news….but honestly it makes life easier–sure I don't really know what's going on….but I'm okay with it.

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