{31 Days} Intentional Living – Day 11

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I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their comments the past few days!  There have been a lot of thought provoking ideas that have come from it.  Also, it is nice to see that others are actually on the same path as me.  Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one doing xyz, glad to know I’m not!

This will be a bit of a continuation of yesterday’s post, mainly because I still have a lot to say on the subject – and also because I really don’t want to write about healthy food today, which is what I had planned 🙂  So, if you haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, you might want to pop back and then read here!

After thinking about how I can’t seem to do everything that I want to do when it comes to intentional living (and the never ending blog trap of comparison), I decided that I needed some action items.  It is all well and good to think about these ideas, and to want to live intentionally, but unless there is some type of action all you are doing is thinking, and that isn’t very productive.

My first step is going to be sitting down and writing out everything I want in an intentional life.  Seems a little broad I know.  I feel like if everything is written down, then I can look at it and start crossing off what isn’t possible for my family in this moment.  Plus, it might give me a better appreciation of what I am doing currently.

I then want to compare that list to my family mission statement.  I wrote about our family mission statement here.  Taking the list of how I want my life to be, and trying to figure out if it lines up with our family mission statement is important.  If I put “build community” into my mission statement and then say that I want to move off grid out in the middle of no where…well they don’t line up, and then we either have to change the family mission statement, or cross that off grid move off the list.

Once I have a physical list of what I am doing, and what I want to be doing, then I can start moving towards those changes.  I think that once it is listed out, either I will see there is way too much on the list and start cutting things, or I will be able to visualize where I want to be, and the list will help move me in that direction.

Now, lists aren’t for everyone, but I think they can be a good tool in this type of situation.  You will be able to see that wanting a farm like soulemama and traveling the country in an RV like the Organic Sister are not entirely compatible and you will need to make a choice which is more important to you and your family in the right now.

Do you ever list out your goals and realize that some are polar opposites?

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  1. Sure thing. I want to pay off all my extra debts…but I have also wanted to spend this year 30 doing many of the traveling and other things I've been "waiting" to do for years and years….the two don't quite go together. So I'm having fun and still paying, but will attempt to do as much as both contradictory categories as possible.

  2. My problem with goals is that I don't know when to stop.I keep writing and writing and overwhelm myself. I do like to write lists,but,again I overwhelm myself by writing too much then get frustrated when I can't do it all. I am working on this.But it is slow going.

    1. Yes! I have this problem too 🙂 That is why I am hoping to compare the list to my family mission statement, so that hopefully that will allow us to really understand which goals will line up with that, and which are really just ideas that don't have a place right now.

    1. The fact that your goals are running related is seriously cool. I always think that I should have some running goals…but they never seem to pan out. Walking goals…those seem to work better for me 🙂

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