Homeschooling in the New Year

It has been a long and glorious break from homeschooling the past couple of months.  It has honestly been just like a summer vacation…without the warm weather.  The break was needed and savored.  Now that we are past the holidays, it is time to get back in the game!

We haven’t completely dropped off all homeschooling – every day brings new learning opportunities!  But, the formal instruction has taken a back seat to the creative expression and interests of my children.

Incredibly, I have seen my four year old start reading and writing on his own, with no prompting from me.  It is amazing what children will do when left to their own devices!  Emma, has been working a lot on handicrafts.  She is into finger knitting and embroidery, and she loves to create songs and stories all day long.  Her newest obsession is writing books.  One of her gifts this year was some small bound blank books that she can use to record her stories.  They most definitely are not about correct grammar and spelling, but wonderful creative expression.

I am looking forward to getting back into a routine for school though, and I think the kids are ready as well.  They love their free play, and interest led learning is definitely my preference over tests and quizzes, but the kids need more rhythm, and unfortunately with an infant that hasn’t been the concentration these last several weeks.  Add in Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it has essentially been a zoo around here!

We are looking forward to circle time, and memory verses, and new episodes of Cosmic Kids Yoga, as well as the normal reading, writing, and math.

I would like to incorporate more units and projects.  The kids are getting to an age where they can work on a project for a longer period of time, and I think they would enjoy putting together more visuals to go with what they are learning in history and science. 

I have to make sure that our craft supplies are ready for them though, once they get going, things seem to progress quickly, and when I envision something small, it somehow is not the same idea the kids have!  So while I may want them to build a small replica of a teepee with popsicle sticks and construction paper, they will want a full size one in their toy room to use for themselves.  Perhaps there is a happy medium!

The first task I have is re-creating some space for school.  The toys and craft supplies have taken over, and there is not a bit of free work space at their table.  We may opt to do table work at the dining room table for a while.  I have some big ideas on organization, but for the time being our school stuff is shoved away in one of our armoires.

Do you take a long break around Christmas?  What are you doing to get back into your school routine?

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  1. We have had to have a different kind of homeschooling also, w/ my dad's heart surgery and caring for him and Mom.... we still did school, but it was different and mostly what they could do apart from my active involvement. We did take this whole week off and the kids are excited (so am I). Mom and Dad just went home Sat, and I am looking forward to getting a fresh start in the New Year. :) Sounds like your days are going well also... Have a great New Year. :)


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