31 Days - Self-Care on a Budget

Now that you have found the time for self-care, how do you actually do self-care on a budget? 

I have mentioned before that my idea of self-care at the beginning of this project was essentially a spa day, and I also mentioned that said spa day is most definitely not in my budget. 

I think that we often will tell ourselves that we can’t take care of ourselves because of the cost involved – at least I did that.

We are on a very tight budget, and making room for something that I honestly viewed as frivolous was never at the forefront of my mind.  And even when we have the money to spend, I often will choose to spend it on my children instead of on myself.

However, I decided that self-care is not something that needs to be an expensive pursuit.  In fact, I think it is entirely doable on a budget.

There are so many free options available for hobbies and activities; I just had to think about it for a little bit.

I mentioned last week my love for knitting and reading.  Well, yarn, of course, is not free.  However, did you know that my Goodwill actually sells yarn and other textiles?  And often it is good quality wool that is sold for only $1 per skein.  Obviously I can’t decide on a pattern and then go to Goodwill and hope that they have what I want available; but, I can certainly pick up a skein here and there, and use it for other projects. 

Some examples are knitted toys for the kids, scarves, washcloths, coasters.  Any small project, really.

I also love reading, and while I do enjoy purchasing books to read, we also have a library that is connected to the entire state library system, which means I can request just about any book that I might possibly want to read, and it will be delivered to my local library for pick up.  I can also check out e-books and audio books with my library account.

“Reading isn’t really my thing.”  OK, well my library also has tons of magazines that are fun to look through, and you can check out back issues.  Often you can even get back issues for free when they are getting rid of them, then you can make a bunch of crafts with the old magazines.

If crafting isn’t your thing, perhaps you like to have time for some actual physical pampering.  A spa day might not be in the budget, but Epsom salts are quite inexpensive, and a nice soak in a bath of Epsom salts is amazingly relaxing.  Light a candle, and you are set!  Or even if you don’t have time for a full bath (or if you don’t like them!) soaking your feet in Epsom salts is also amazing.

Did you know that Epsom salts are an amazing source of magnesium – which is difficult for the body to digest and then use, but is amazingly easy to absorb through our skin?  Some of the benefits of magnesium are improved heart health and circulation, as well as stress relief.

Honestly, there are a host of inexpensive activities that you can do for self-care.  For me the hardest part was starting, but now I make sure to work self-care into my schedule – remember your 168 hours time assessment? – use it!

What is one small activity you can do in order to bring about some self-care in your life?  Is it becoming easier to find that time?


  1. Great tips! I've been trying to set aside 5 to 10 minutes to soak my feet at the end of the day, I know that isn't very much time but it's truly a luxury and I'm really enjoying it!

  2. Great ideas. This information is certainly needed for us women. So many of us, do so much and fail to take care of ourself.

  3. Great ideas. This information is certainly needed for us women. So many of us, do so much and fail to take care of ourself.

  4. Every time we are in a Goodwill (which we try and do less often now, but still at least once every few months we go on a "tour", so to speak, of the local stores) I always check out the craft/paper aisle. There's almost always yarn, but it's always a bunch of random skeins in a plastic bag and it's just...kind of a gamble. I'm no fan of gamble yarn - especially when it all, mostly, appears to be just regular acrylic stuff! Instead, I tend to buy a skein at a time from the craft store - JoAnn's or Michael's, and use a coupon. While each ends up being about 2.50 or 3$, it's exactly what I want, and of a quality that I know, and not nearly enough to worry about having to fit into the budget. Makes for a much smaller stash as well! :D


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