{31 Days} Preparing for Baby # 3 – One on One Time with the Kiddos!

Welcome to my {31 Days} series this year!  We will soon be welcoming baby # 3 and I realized that there is a lot I need to do before that happens!  You can find all the posts in this series here.  Thank you for following along with me.

This is not our first baby – you might have noticed
that.  This is our third baby.  And our two older children are six and
four.  I think this presents a couple
different issues then when I went from one to two children and my oldest was
just two years old. 
We are definitely in a routine of life, where the kids know
what we expect of them, and they know how to get along with one another (or
not).  They have their rhythms, their
toys, and their together and separate time. 
Adding a new baby to the mix is definitely going to be a different
They are both extremely excited about the new baby, and I
fully believe that they are going to be huge helpers to me.
However, I don’t want them to feel like they are being left
out once a new baby comes along.  A new
baby has a tendency to take all of your attention away.  They need to be fed and changed and cuddled
constantly it seems.
I decided that I need to do something to help the kids to
adjust.  What we decided on is one-on-one
dates with daddy and mama.
We don’t typically do a lot of one-on-one time, mainly
because my husband works during the day, and the weekends tend to be whole
family togetherness instead of separate times for everyone.  But, I want the kids to still feel how
important they are to us, and especially to me, after the new baby comes.

I thought that I would try and alternate Saturday mornings
leading up to the birth of the new baby. 
I will spend a little one on one time with each child, and Matt will
take the other one.  It should be
interesting to see how they enjoy this, and if we can figure out a way to keep
it up after the new baby arrives! 
These are not going to be expensive outings.  They will most likely be going to the
library, or perhaps down to our local doughnut shop for a warm doughnut.  I don’t want them to expect that every time
we have one-on-one time that we will buy something, I want them to realize that
this time is about quality and talking and connecting with one another.  I think that it will be great!  We shall see!
Do you have one-on-one
dates with your kids?  How does it work
as the number of children outnumbers the number of parents?

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  1. What a lovely idea! We tried to that also with our eldest when our second was born and are trying to figure out how to do that when the 3rd is born. One thing we did when the second was born, about a month after she was born, was leave the baby with the grandparents for a night and took the oldest on a trip with a hotel stay and everything. It really helped her to feel like she was still important to us.

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