Kindergarten Registration

It is a really interesting time for me right now as a mama.  It is time to fill out paperwork for Kindergarten in the fall.  Of course, I am not filling it out because we have already made the decision to homeschool.  It seems really strange to realize that all the other people we know and associate with are getting ready to send their kids to school next year, and I am not.

We have a 4 year old program in our area that just about everyone enrolls in.  It isn’t a requirement, but it is the norm.  But, kindergarten, well, it seems like a big deal!

I have had a couple of my friends remind me that it is time to fill out the paperwork, and I have gently explained that I am planning to continue homeschooling.  Everyone has been so great about our decision too.  No one has questioned my sanity or anything like that.  However, I still think the hard part is starting out, breaking from the norm.

As of right now I don’t know any other homeschooling families in our area.  I’m not worried about socialization, my kids are social butterflies (they did not get this from me!), but a support group would be something that I would welcome.

I think it seems more real now, that we are actually going to homeschool.  My daughter won’t be starting school with all of her friends.  But, I have to say that I am excited about next year.  To see all that she has learned so far this year has been amazing.  I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to help my kids see the world and to teach them.  It is a very exciting roller coaster we have decided to ride!

Is it just me, or is kindergarten a big year?  

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  1. Oh Kindergarten is HUGE! I panicked about it for about a year leading up to my oldest going. She ended up going to 2 different schools (kindergarten) this year only because we moved and that was the plan all along. She seemed to do better in the first school, it's weird to think that your child is around someone else for hours a day especially if you are a stay at home mom and usually know everything your child is doing! We live in a small 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids so believe me I know everything they do! Which isn't the best situation. Anyways I applaud you for making that choice, I don't think public school is right for everyone and I got my degree in teaching! I definitely have hopes of homeschooling my kids in the future, hopefully in the next year or two…for now we just take it a little bit at a time.

  2. I think it's hard to take the first "leap" of homeschooling. I remember when I picked up my oldest daughter from school for the last time…as I walked through the halls of the school I remember thinking, "Am I sure I can do better than this?" Fortunately, that was the last time I wondered. As I got into homeschooling, loved it, and made it our own "thing", I quickly forgot my reluctance. I absolutely love homeschooling. And so do my 3 girls. You will know very quickly, once you start, whether it is for you or not…I would venture a guess that you WILL absolutely love it! Enjoy!

  3. I think as long as you are happy with your decision, then it doesn't matter what others think. You are doing what works for your family. I do think that homeschooling is more accepted these days then ever before, as it should be! A new school year is a big deal for certain – sounds like you are in a great place!

  4. Best of luck for the coming year! I hope you'll be able to find other homeschooling families to meet up with and start a group. I'm glad to hear others are being respectful of your decision!

  5. I can totally relate. I have homeschooled the last two years. This next year my youngest is starting kindergarten. Registration is starting now. I've debated with myself whether to continue homeschooling or not. I'm almost positive I'm going to stick with the homeschooling. One of the hardest things for me is not feeling "normal." I have had people question my decision, but I've realized none of those people know anything about homeschooling. Wishing you the best next year!

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