Staying Healthy in Winter

It is still the winter here – and looks to be for about the next six months with the rate of snow and cold we have been getting lately!  For the past several weeks we have been passing around something in the family.  It is amazing once you have kids how long it takes for everyone to be healthy again!

I am happy to report that only one of us had the flu, how we managed that, I am not quite sure.  And the fact that it was my husband and not one of the littles, well that makes me happy!

The kids had fevers and a cough, and I had a cough, and little Lucy just ended up with a stuffy nose (the powers of breastfeeding!).

I do have some tips for staying as healthy as possible in the winter – because we all know that getting colds are inevitable, we want to make them as short in duration and as mild as we can.

The above four items are a central part of my health plan for the winter.  Whenever I feel a cold or chest cold coming on, I immediately start taking the raw apple cider vinegar.  My husband likes to mix his in water, I do not want to drink an entire glass of water with vinegar in it – so I always take two teaspoons full and then rinse my mouth thoroughly with water.

When I already have a cold I immediately start drinking Throat Coat tea – I love this stuff.  It soothes and makes me feel better all around.

The honey is perfect for the kids when they have a sore throat or are coughing a lot.  And the honey is also good in the spring when allergies start up.  Local, raw honey is the best because it contains to pollen that is common to your area and will help fend off those allergies.

The fifth ingredient, that is not pictured, is rest.  Rest is integral to being healthy again.  I know that it is hard to rest in this day and age, but it is so important!  If you don’t rest, you will be unable to fight off any sickness, whether it is a cold or if it develops into something more serious like the flu.

Are you staying healthy this very long winter?  Do you have some tips to stay healthy?

*I am not a Dr. and this is not meant to replace a Dr.’s care.  These are the things that my family uses to help heal our bodies during illness.  Please consult your Dr. before making any changes to your health routine!

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  1. Your photo looks like you could have taken it in my home. We are also consuming a lot of elderberry syrup and lemon, honey tea. My guys drink lots of bone broth and I make pots of vegetable soup that we eat daily. I do not want to get sick!

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