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what i am eating

I have been eating a lot of zucchini noodles lately.  I heard about zucchini noodles several years ago on another blog, but never tried them myself.  But then, this past spring during 30 Day Vegan, I tried my hand at making zucchini noodles, and they were delicious!  Now, my “noodles” are not nearly as thin as some that I have seen, but that is because I cut them by hand, with a knife.  I am thinking about getting a spiralizer though, obviously it takes a while to cut them with a knife.

After I have my zucchini noodles, I sprinkle a little salt on and then set them aside.  The salt helps them to soften up.  They I went about making my favorite topping for any pasta – tomatoes, basil, garlic, and mozzarella cheese.  We have a lot of tomatoes in the garden now, so I am making an awful lot of tomato dishes, but I am happy about it.  Especially after not knowing whether or not the tomatoes would ever ripen at all this year!

Have you tried zucchini noodles before?  If you haven’t, you definitely should.  If you don’t want to trade out all of your pasta, just replace half of the pasta with the zucchini!

Now for my favorites from last week:

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is eating this week!

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  1. Oh wow those zucchini noodles look delicious Ive never tried them before, I will have to give them a go. Especially when I have a glut of zucchinis in the garden and look for different recipes for them. Thank you for featuring my sweet potato pie.x

  2. Your zucchini noodles look wonderful and what a great way to eat more veggies! 🙂
    I actually made zucchini 'ribbons' for the first time this week using my vegetable peeler. I combined them with some carrot ribbons and sauteed them lightly in some butter with a little garlic, yum!!

  3. I am intrigued by using zucchini as noodles! I have seen spiralizers before and I bet they would make it so much easier. Great idea to use up the bumper crop of zucchini that so many gardeners have!

    This week I linked up my strawberries & cream freezer bars 🙂

  4. I am out of zucchini in the garden, but if they still have some at the market, I think I will try the zucchini noodles…liven things up a bit. Thanks for the tip. And I actually linked up today…usually I just come see what everyone else is eating and have nothing of my own to share. thanks for hosting.

  5. Heather, thank you so very much for featuring my Supreme Pizza Pasta! I'm so glad you liked it- we sure did! 🙂

    I have never tried zucchini noodles, but I'm so impressed with yours, I think I will need to! Thanks for the tip about salting them first- yum!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to browse your party and share it on twitter!

    Love, Joy

  6. Hi Heather, I linked up 2 of my posts, but not sure what happened to the first one. Somehow the picture didn't link. I was hoping you can fix it?
    Btw, I've been thinking of zucchini noodles, too! 🙂 As always, thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend!

    1. It has been so nice to be able to just go out to the garden and pick what I want to eat! I am definitely going to miss it this winter…but hoping the winter CSA and farmers' market helps ease my suffering 🙂

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