31 Bags in 31 Days - Day 5

When I first told Matt that I was going to do this project, he laughed at me.  He laughs at most of my ideas actually…he didn’t think that there was any way I would be able to fill up 31 bags in 31 days.  The reasoning behind this is because I am constantly getting rid of stuff, so he couldn’t grasp that we would still have more to get rid of.

I knew better.

Today is officially day 5 of the challenge.  So far I have been able to clear out three bags of baby clothes – and those were only the newborn and 0-3 month sizes.  Luckily I have a very dear friend who is expecting a little girl any day now, and with two older boys she needs all the little girl stuff she can get!

I was also able to get rid of one bag of Jack’s old clothes.  They went to my littlest nephew.  I know that I have more for my oldest nephew, but I am still sorting.

We have been blessed beyond belief the past year with clothes from friends for the kids.  I love hand me downs, because the kids wear things out so quickly.  Besides a few nice outfits for church, my kids seem to go through a lot of clothes. 

While I like to see the clothes go out the door, I know that this will not entirely fix my clutter problem.  I thought that it would be the easiest place to start.  I had to go through the clothes and make room for new sizes anyways, so having them count towards Project 31 seemed like a good idea.

My plan is to finish up going through the clothes this weekend.

After clothes, there are many many toys that need to be sorted.  I am sure there are many broken toys we will unfortunately have to throw away, and things that the kids don’t play with, and I am interested to see how they are when we go through the toys.

I also plan to take this time to organize the toys that we have left.  Gone are the days when all the toys fit in our one toy box (sadly).  With the toys becoming smaller (LEGO, princess dolls, cars, puzzles), the storage solutions I have used in the past are no longer working.  I think we are going to move towards clear plastic bins for toy storage.  Then each category of toys will have its own compartment, with a lid!

So far I have 4 bags down, and 27 bags to go!

What hit me hard was the fact that I am giving away four bags of clothes.  And that isn’t the end of the clothes re-organization.  I understand that our kids are going to go through a lot of clothes.  They seem to grow out of clothes every couple of months, but Matt and I have a lot of clothes as well.  Do we need as many winter coats as we have?  Well, maybe this winter we have!

I have been feeling a lot of guilt about all that we have lately.  I think that is due to the book 7 byJen Hatmaker that I recently finished.  There are days when I feel like we don’t have *enough* and instead fall into the comparison trap.

We have more than enough.

Part of the reason I am doing this Project 31 Bags in 31 Days is because I want to donate what we do not need to people who are in need.  I want to be a blessing to someone else, the same way that people have blessed us. 

How is your Project 31 coming along?  Have you been able to find excess in your homes that you can donate to someone else?


  1. Sounds like great progress. I am participating quietly on a smaller scale. We have only 2 small closets in our entire house so outgrown clothes are constantly being sent out the door to the Goodwill, but our "stuff" still accululates. The day you started, I did one bag. Yesterday I did half a bag. My goal is 10 bags, but in however many days it takes me to do it. If I can only add 2 or three things per day, well, that's still something. Thanks for sharing this process

    1. I think your participation sounds great! I think that the goal is really to get rid of what we do not need, to make room in our lives for what is important. I don't need to take care of as much stuff, a lot of it is unnecessary and only kept because I feel obligated or because I might need it someday. I'm glad you are joining in!

  2. I am a little more manic regarding my personal bag challenge ;-) there are some points when I just can't stand it anymore, grab a bag and fill it with a broken plastic toys miscellaneous things we no longer use/need. I dropped off 2 contractor bags to Goodwill 2 weeks ago. I think I would absolutely benefit from this challenge because the point that you make are absolutely true, we have more than enough, so much more than others and when you get bogged down with material things it's difficult to focus on what's truly important. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  3. What a great idea! I love that you're rethinking and decluttering. What a great way to challenge yourself.


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