Homeschool Book Organization

I love books, and so do my kids.  That is a large part of why I use a literature based curriculum.  However, with all the new books that come into my home (and all of the old ones I am holding onto for life), I need a good organization system.

We have some beautiful built in shelves in our dining room, unfortunately they are not large enough for all of our books.
Last summer I moved all of our rooms around; the kids school books were now in need of a home, and I decided to incorporate them into the built in shelves in the dining room.

The problem with that was that the books did not stay organized.  It was too easy for the kids to grab books off the shelves and then they would disappear and when I needed a specific school book, I couldn’t find it.

Of course I want the kids to be able to take books off the shelves to read, but it was not staying organized, and that was an issue.

I knew that I needed the homeschool books separate.

I finally took a small shelf that I originally bought at WalMart – in college – out of my bedroom and moved it downstairs to shelve the current books we are using for school.

It really works out perfectly; the shelves are just the right size.

The top shelf holds all of my teacher binders, as well as my home management binder.  Then the next shelf down holds Emma’s current curriculum, and below that Jack’s current curriculum.  The bottom shelf holds the P 3/4 and P 4/5 books that we keep out to read whenever the kids want a quick story.  They both like to pull those books out to read to Lucy, and they are perfect for rest time or stories at night.

The book shelf is tucked in the corner, so it is accessible for the kids, but not right out in the open so they will grab a bunch of books at random.

I have a feeling this summer I am going to be moving the doll house upstairs, and turn this room into more of an office/school room for the kids.  I’m not sure about you, but if there are toys around when the kids are “doing school” they tend to need a lot of breaks.

I think a fresh school room would be a perfect way to start our new school year.  Now to start planning how to arrange all the furniture, my favorite thing to do!

How do you store school books?  Are you thinking about next year yet?  Do you have a dedicated school room?

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  1. This looks fantastic and what a great feeling to be organized! Well done :)!


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