{31 Days} Intentional Living – Day 1

31 Days is a project hosted by Nesting Place.  Essentially it is picking a topic to write about every day for the month of October.  You can find more about the 31 Days project here.

I have been thinking for a few weeks now on what I should do for the 31 Days project.  There are so many subjects that I am passionate about these days, and that I thought I could actually write about for 31 days straight.  Should it be from scratch cooking?  Well, I try to do that as it is, and that is probably a good goal to have since October is also unprocessed month over here.  I also thought about green living, or simplifying my life, or no TV for a month.  But, after thinking of all of those things, I realized that my month should be about intentional living.

Intentional Living can be used in many different contexts.  It can relate to personal journeys, ethics or religion, to name a few.  Intentional meaning done with purpose and living meaning active or thriving.  How I define intentional living is to actively live with purpose.  But where to start?

When I was thinking about subjects for these 31 Days, and I listed them out, I realized that they are all part of my description of “intentional living.”  I want to have less technology in my life (I know, ironic, coming from a blogger), I want to be cooking all of my meals from scratch.  I want the “green” life, I want to reduce the waste that we have.  All of these things scream “intentional living” to me.

So, for the next 31 days, I will be trying to bring you my version of intentional living.  The steps I am taking, the challenges I am having, the good and the bad.  I hope that you join me!

What is your version of intentional living?  What steps would you take to be more intentional about your own life?

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  1. As always, more meals from scratch, snacks too. We are also down to one small trash bag per week (vs 2 large per week). We recycle a lot – luckily, we have trash/recycling pick up but when our trash bags cost $2.50 per bag…it also is quite an incentive! I know you'll do a great job at this – looking forward to reading!

  2. Sounds like a great goal! I know you'll do well with it.

    As for the muffin tins, you can find them at craft stores like Michael's or AC Moore. They cost about $10 but I always take a 50% off coupon with me. You can also order them on Ebay.

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