31 Days – The Struggle is Real!



Here we are, going into the final week of the Write 31 Days challenge.  I find it
interesting that I have struggled writing this series.  Here I am writing about self-care, but then I
am stressed out when I am unable to publish a post!
I think that every person is going to have ebbs and flows
when it comes to self-care.
There are going to be amazing seasons, where you are able to
carve out time to make sure you feel fulfilled, that you have the energy you
need to keep up with your family, and other obligations; then there will be
other times where you are barely hanging on and you end up just trying to stay
afloat until you can catch your breath again!
The past couple weeks have been like that for me.



Being out of the house, going on field trips, homeschool
co-op, car issues, doctor appointments, celebrating first birthdays; all of it
can become overwhelming.
I think this is the main reason that I decided to write
about self-care.
It is easy to get caught up in it all, and not have a chance
to breathe, or feel like you are doing anything specifically for you.
This month has taught me that it is OK to say no, to sit
back and relax a little more. 
Obviously, your children need to get to doctor appointments
(and you do as well!), but when something else is put on the back burner, that
is OK.
Finding the ability to let you not feel guilty is probably the biggest takeaway that I have had
this month so far.
Of course, having the time for a spa day, or pampering, or
reading a great book is important, but when you need to push ahead through a
season, a small time period, you will still get through.
And once you are through to the other side, that is the time
to take a minute for yourself.  Remember
what energizes you, remember what makes you feel good and relaxed.  Remember what gives you the ability to be the
best mother, the best wife, the best woman that you can be.
While I haven’t been completely successful this month in
writing my 31 Days of Self-Care series every.single.day., I have been able
to know when I need to take a step back and spend the extra time with my
family, take the time for sitting in quiet.
I realize that it is all about priorities.  If you have your priorities in order, you
will be able to know when you can drop things that are becoming more stressful
than helpful.
Granted, it won’t always be the easiest time, the most
fulfilling time, but you will know that when you come out on the other side,
you will be better for it.


Have there been times
when you have needed to drop something important to you in order to keep up
with everything else in your day?

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  1. Oh yes. I wrestle with this all the time! As someone who wants to do everything, it can be really difficult to know what to let go of when life gets overwhelming. But I think you're so right about priorities — they should drive everything! Thanks for sharing this.

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