Daily Planning Worksheet – How I Plan My Days

Planning, it is something I love, but also something that I
struggle with.  I have always enjoyed
planning, but tend to want to switch it up so often, that I never really
accomplish what I set out to.
When I was in college, I absolutely loved planning my
schedule.  I was not the biggest fan of
getting up early in the morning, but I was a huge fan of getting all of my
classes done first thing, and then having the rest of my time as free time.  I remember some of the ladies in my dorm would
ask how I could manage to not have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or only
have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
It honestly all came down to planning.
After college, planning went out the window.  I had a job, I had to go to the job
(obviously), but there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot else I needed to plan.  I wasn’t stressed about cleaning a house, or
making sure that my groceries and meal plan met my budget expectations.  Instead, I just flew by the seat of my pants
with main anchors during my day, ie go to work and then come home and hang out
with friends.
Now, however, I need to plan, a lot.  It seems like every day needs a new
plan.  Why?  

every day with kids is different.
When I started getting up early in the morning for my hello mornings group, I knew that I needed something in order to help me plan the

So I made my own Daily Planning sheet.  It has worked
wonders for me!

I use it as an “at a glance” type of sheet, so I know where
I want my day to go.  I know what I need
to accomplish (although I hardly ever get it all done, does anyone?).  It is nice to be able to go in and see what
the meals are, not think about what needs to be done throughout the day,
because it is all right in front of me.
Daily Rhythm
The Daily Rhythm
is what I want our day to look like.  I
will put times in, but it isn’t down to the minute by any means.  It is more of a general time frame for
us.  But, it also serves as a place to
put any appointments that we may have during the day, and those obviously need
a specific time.  

I want my days to feel peaceful and not rushed.  I want to enjoy the time that I have with my
kids each day.
The Inspiration box
is just what it looks like.  A thought,
or scripture, that I want to focus on for the day.  It could be my word of the year repeated
constantly, a quote or a mantra that I want to repeat to myself all day.  This can stay the same for many days, or
change daily.  It is totally up to you!
Meals for the Day/Meal Prep for Tomorrow
I am working a lot harder on meal planning these days.  Trying to make healthy, nutritious meals
every day, that my kids will eat, is a process. 
Doing it on a budget seems almost
However, when I am able
to get everything planned for the week, it is nice to not have to think about
on a daily basis.  I already know from my
main meal list for the week what we are going to have, and I just re-write it
here for easy access.
To Do List
The To Do List is
just that.  I list everything that I want
to do that day.  I am not ashamed to
admit that I often put tasks I know I will complete on the list, just to have
something to cross off.  You may not need
all ten lines if you don’t do that!  I
tend to list my most important tasks
as well, so that I can eat my frog or whatever I need to get done
early in the day.
Current Projects
The Current Projects
list tends to stay the same over a longer period of time.  This is a place for larger projects that I
have going on currently – like sorting through the kids clothes and deciding
what needs to go to consignment or be donated. 
This is also a place where I would put projects that I may need help
from my husband with – like moving all the boxes of baby stuff from the attic
downstairs so I can sort through them.
Blog Ideas/Misc. Notes
The last two boxes, Blog
Ideas and Misc. Notes,
are pretty straight forward as well.  If I think of something that might be
interesting to write about, I try to write it down immediately.  I am attempting to move to a more digital
platform for blog ideas, but I find that often I still need a pen and some
paper to jot it down.  While Misc. Notes
could really be used for anything – a child that decides he no longer likes
green peppers, even though he was eating them like apples last week, or maybe a
seasoning wasn’t quite right with a recipe I used.  It could just be something funny the kids did
that I want to record.
Using a Daily Planning Sheet can seem like a monumental
task, but once you find a routine that works for you, it really takes minutes
to put together, and can be glanced at easily throughout the day to help move
your family in the direction you are hoping for.  With any new planning tool, or planning in
general, give yourself grace.
Remember that it
takes 21 consistent days of effort to make a habit!

Are you trying to become
more organized as the seasons start to change? 
Do you find yourself changing up your routine when your kids start
school again?  Or a new season starts?

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  1. Great tips! I use a similar sheet (my daily docket) to help keep track of everything and everyone. I love your inspiration section, I might add that too! Visiting from Touched Magazine's link up!

  2. Great tips for everyone! I agree planning is essential – in every aspect of life! I definitely try to get more goal oriented as the new school year rolls around. I feel like planning on the calendar essential too. The weekends fly by too quickly!

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