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In a depressing turn of events, my tomatoes started to ripen.  Why would that be depressing?  Well, when I went to pick some of those ripe tomatoes, I realized that they had blossom end rot.


I knew that the tomatoes in my pots had taken a beating from the rain, but I was hoping they would bounce back.  They did not.  So now I am tasked with dumping all of my pots of tomatoes.  Do I wait and see if some ripen OK?  Do I pick the green ones and see how they ripen indoors?  

My greens, on the other hand, are doing great (despite the weeds).  I think that every year I will plant kale from now on, it seems to thrive in my garden.  Of course I say that this year, and next year I will have some sort of infestation of whatever eats kale. 

yellow squash deciding to make a comeback

I am already thinking to next year and what I can do differently to try and prevent the issues I have had this year.  Not sure I will end up changing anything, but there is always hope in a new gardening season!  

I would love to have a fall planting of things like lettuce and broccoli, but I think instead I am going to put the garden to bed a little early this year.  There is still a lot of preserving to do, and I plan to concentrate on that in the coming weeks!

How is your garden growing?

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  1. Sorry about your tomatoes. Honestly I would let them ripen and then cut the end off as Sarah suggested above. In my home they would get roasted and added to the freezer stash.

    Those greens look awesome. Greens always do well in our garden too, although this year I have little holes in my Swiss chard and I can't find the culprit.

    Happy gardening!

  2. Don't toss your end rot tomatoes! The first one you showed is clearly not salvageable, but I have been cutting the end off of mine and dehydrating them for later in the year. If you are cutting them up anyway no one will know if the end is missing. Only my tomatoes in pots got end rot and its just due to the frequent and heavy rains we have been getting here in Central Indiana.

    How do you keep the bugs off your kale? Mine look skeletal before they are large enough to consume – nothing else in my garden gets eaten so maybe they are may sacrifice. 🙂

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