Small Steps to Big Goals

Last week when I sat down to think about some of the goals that
I have for the New Year, I realized the list was long.  Similar to last year.
Now, I do not think that having a long list of goals is a
bad thing.  We should always be trying to
improve upon our lives.  If we sit
stagnant, what can we really say we have accomplished?  However, trying to meet a long list of goals
is a challenge.
I want to make so
many changes, but instead feel paralyzed with the amount of change that seems
to be on my list.
Does this happen to you?
Do you feel like you can’t quite get to where you want to be because the
mountain is too high to climb?
I am a dreamer, and because of that I am always dreaming
about the next thing, forgetting about what is right in front of me.  Because of this, I have decided to take a
little longer to work on my goals for this year.
When I wrote my New Year’s post, I alluded
to a lot of the goals I have for myself, but I need to go deeper.
I want to make sure that I have the action steps listed out
so that I can make measurable progress.
Change and I are good friends.  I am probably one of a very few people that thrive
on change.  Every couple of months I
spend time moving furniture around in my house so that I can feel like I have a
fresh start.  I never quite feel settled.
This year, I want to make good on all the change that I keep
introducing into my life.  I want it to
mean something.  I want to make sure that
the goals I set for myself are really what I want to accomplish, and who I want
to become.  Taking the time to write out
the small steps that will lead to accomplishing those goals is an important
step in and of itself.

That is the action I need to take in order to not feel overwhelmed by the list of
goals I have for myself and my family.
I also realize that some of my goals are life-long
goals.  I want to live a green life.  That is a great goal, but I will never be
perfectly there.  I want my family to
have a simple life.  I need to figure out
the small steps to take in order to make progress towards these life-long
I need to take a little more time to flesh out the steps.
Instead of having everything in a neat little list at the
beginning of the New Year, I am going to try and spend a little more time
making good on my promise to get organized and really figure out what is most
important to me and my family.
Do you have big goals
and don’t know where to start?  What
small steps can you take to start on that path?

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  1. A lot of my goals are also long-term so it can be intimidating to reach them but I like that approach you have of taking time to figure out smaller steps to get there and what's important for the family. I didn't make many big resolutions this year but am trying to do smaller things like be more organized and consistent with my projects. Visiting from Sverve's FB community group. 🙂

  2. Also rewarding yourself for each small accomplishment is great! It makes you feel your making your way to the bigger goal. The reward could be small like buying yourself a gourmet coffee or going and getting a pedicure. I have the tendency to give myself too many things to get done in one day. So, my small steps would be to prioritize the list and stretch it out over the week/month/quarter. This will help me not get disappointed and feel like I failed. Thank you for the read!

    1. Rewarding yourself, yes, this! I also have trouble with my to-do list being too long. I am working on it, but I have this desire to have everything done right.this.second. So…it is a work in progress 🙂

  3. I'm not big on change – but I am big on making goals that are obtainable – long and short term. I think it's good to not write out a huge, long list that can be intimidating. Thanks for this great post, really makes us think!

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