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what i am eating

Typically I think of coleslaw as a summer BBQ side
dish.  But, it is something I have been
eating a lot more of recently.  Why?  Well, because cabbage, carrots and onions are
all fall season, and storage crops.  I
absolutely love coleslaw, I know not everyone does, but I do.  I especially love spicy coleslaw.
This is one that my sister-in-law wrote about a long time
ago on her blog, spicy coleslaw.  It uses
chipotle in adobo – one of my favorite spicy seasonings!  My take was a bit different, mainly because I
cannot follow a recipe.  I finely
shredded a large head of cabbage, a couple carrots, and finely sliced an onion
(yes a whole onion – we like onion here!).
I sprinkled it all with a bit of sea salt.  Then I mixed up equal parts mayo and sour
cream (I think probably ¼ cup each) added a bit of lemon juice, maybe 2
teaspoons, a couple chopped garlic cloves and one finely chopped chipotle in
adobo.  I mixed that all together and
then added a bit of milk to thin it out.
Then I poured the dressing over the shredded veggies, and voila! coleslaw.  It was amazingly delicious.  While most treat it as a side dish, I ate it
as my lunch, sharing some with the kiddos, who seem to love anything that is
mixed with mayonnaise.
Now for my favorites
from last week:

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