First Day of School!

How the heck did we get here so quickly?  OK, I know what you are thinking, Heather, it is the beginning of August, what are you doing?!

Well, you all know that we school all year, for my sanity’s sake really.  There is still a definite start to the new year though.  And we are all incredibly excited about it.

Last year was the first year that I started the first week in August.  I did it because we were expecting Lucy in the fall, and I knew that I would be taking some time off from intensive teaching when we brought her home.

It turns out that starting the first week in August worked really well for my kids, and also for me.  I thought they might be disappointed to be starting so early, but with the aforementioned “school all year” they don’t know any different.

In fact, they are extremely excited about starting school, because it means new books for them to use and read.

I have been diligently working on piecing together our new curriculum for a couple months now.  I took a lot of help from Sonlight, but have also used some of the many free resources online – Ambleside Online and Easy Peasy to name a couple.

After all of the books lists, Math books, Language Arts choices, Science unit research, and new lesson planner I think we are ready to go.  At least for the first week!

I am crossing my fingers for a great start to the year though.  Having Lucy is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think that we will be able to manage.  I am also slightly concerned about having to teach bother Emma and Jack this year. 

I have been teaching Jack right along with Emma, but my goodness, he is only 4 (soon to be 5) and we were mainly doing easy stuff, and I would let him direct me as to how much he wanted to accomplish – I still feel like play is a huge part of his learning (and Emma’s as well), but we are moving on to more reading and math and writing, and those take a little more time from Mama.

Because of all the challenges I feel like I will have this year, we are going to try and set a better schedule for school related activities.  When I work only with Emma, it takes us very little time to get through everything I want to do in a day, but with Jack, and now Lucy too, I will need to be utilizing my time a little better. 

My great hope is that Lucy will continue to take a long morning nap so that we can get through all the seat work during that time.  Then, because we use a literature based curriculum, we will be able to take the time when Lucy is awake to read all the stories.

All of this is working out perfectly in my mind, but we shall see how it works in the real world!

Are you thinking about school yet?  Have you started, or are you still holding onto summer?

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  1. Everything looks fantastic! I think it's great that you get a head start! Everything looks 1st day of school ready, tidy and clean! We definitely are holding on Summer as long as we can and making the most of this amazing weather.


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