Sunday, October 2, 2016

{31 Days} - Starting Where I am Right Now

I want to start with where I am right now in my journey of overcoming overwhelm.  I have been restless.  I was waiting all summer for the “start” of our new school year, so we could change up the routine, get into a better rhythm, and so I had some grasp on what we were doing every day.

Of course, what actually happened was I was not entirely ready for school to start.  Sure, I had my plans laid out in my wonderful planner, but I underestimated the impact of teaching two instead of one, and having a very rambunctious toddler.

I kept adjusting our schedule, but then it seemed like we were down to the bare bones minimum for what I wanted to accomplish in school, and we started adding in extracurricular activities outside the home. 

Now we are involved with activities outside the house several days a week, our weekends are booked with church and sports, and there is no longer margin in any of my days between parenting, homeschooling, homemaking, blogging, vlogging, and probably some other –ing words I am not thinking about right now.

Our life, my life, is full.

I don’t think that is a bad thing, by any means.  I also know that there are people that thrive in that type of go-go-go environment. 

I am not one of those people.

After many years of questioning why I retreated so much when life got busy, I finally figured out that I was an introvert.  I will go more into being an introvert later in this series I believe, but for the short answer – an introvert does not necessarily mean a shy person.  What it means is that to energize myself, I need dedicated alone time.  That is hard to come by as a mom, and doubly hard to come by as a mom who homeschools.

31 Days Starting Where I am Right Now

I have made adjustments over the past couple of years in order to make life work for me, and for our family.  But, these rhythms, routines, and choices need adjusting regularly.

I am one to always say “if I can just figure out the RIGHT – schedule – routine – rhythm – I will be all right.”  But I forget that circumstances change, and because of that my schedule needs an adjustment.  Just like seasonally we move from one wardrobe to the next, our rhythm needs that adjustment as well.

Honestly, it is all trial and error.  What may end up working for me may not work for you, and vice versa.  That isn’t a bad thing by any means!  However, I know that some of the ideas that I am planning on sharing will be useful to everyone.  Granted, I will discuss my specific changes, but I think that you can take the guidelines I discuss and apply what works to your own life, and leave the rest behind.

I want to take a moment and place a disclaimer.  I am not saying that everyone MUST do what I am doing.  No, not at all.  Instead, I want us all to ponder what works in our lives, and what may need a bit of a tune-up.  I know that I am definitely an introspective person, and so perhaps I spend a large majority of time considering these ideas; it is time to take dust off my word of the year action and take some action on the thoughts that have been flowing through my mind for the past two months.

My first thought was to think of why I couldn’t get past life happening so quickly. 

I know that people will either nod their heads in agreement, or roll their eyes when I say this next statement:

Life is moving fast, the months are moving fast, this year is almost over.

I know, the sky is falling, all that jazz.  This year has seemed particularly fast to me.  I realized that part of that reason was because we have been so busy, and not taking enough breaks to decompress.  But, I also feel like everywhere I look the *next* thing is always on the horizon.

4th of July weekend, the back to school stuff is out; as soon as the middle of August rolls around, we start to see Halloween candy and costumes on the shelves, the week before Halloween the Christmas stuff will start to peek out behind the leftover costumes.  Commercially, we are always onto the next holiday, before the last one is even finished. 

I have noticed this more and more as I blog longer.  All of the “experts” are saying you need to have your content ready super early, that is what people want.  But, is it really?  Instead, it makes me feel overwhelmed, and unprepared.  So in addition to the overwhelm that I have with my life in general, I have to add the additional overwhelm of all the *stuff* I should be doing right.this.minute. 

See, totally stressed out and overwhelmed!  My first stop is going to be a re-assessment of priorities.  Stay tuned for that post tomorrow!

Do you feel like life is moving too fast?  What do you think the root cause of it is?

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  1. Homeschooling can be definitely overwhelming. I did it for our last two from start to finish! When my son was in kindergarten, I strapped my infant daughter in a snuggly so that my hands were free and off we went. I wouldn't trade one day of it!


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