2022 PowerSheets: Goals and Living your Best Life

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It’s here! The 2022 PowerSheets Goal Planner is now available to purchase. Honestly, I can’t believe we are thinking about 2022. It seems like last year was still 2019. I haven’t gotten over 2020 yet, and then the speed that 2021 took on definitely surprised me. It has been a really productive year goals wise, but the speed of 2021 made me realize that I am ready to slow down a little bit, and maybe get back to my slow living roots.

Before we get into all the changes and other information related to the 2022 PowerSheets, I do want you to know that I have done a full walkthrough video as well as my initial thoughts on the changes in the PowerSheets for 2022.

2022 PowerSheets Goal Planner

One of the reasons I love the PowerSheets is because I am able to deep dive on the why behind what I want to accomplish. I think sometimes, when we are setting goals, we only set them and don’t actually consider the why behind it. Taking the time to figure out your why is going to keep you on track as you move through the year, and achieve your goals.

The thing that I have noticed most about goal planning is that it is making small steps in the direction you want your life to go. It is thinking about the big dreams you have and then taking those little by little steps to get there.

That could mean that you are making shifts in your thinking, or it can also mean that you are taking action steps to further your progress. But, understanding your why is going to be the biggest part of that.

2022 PowerSheets Prep – Part 1

The PowerSheets help you focus on what is most important to achieve your goals. The way that you figure that out is through the prep work that is at the beginning of the book. It is something I look forward to every year. Is there going to be something different to jump out at me? Will my goals go in an entirely new direction that I hadn’t considered before? These are questions that I ask myself every time I start.

I tend to wait a bit to start the prep work. Part of the reason is because we have a late October birthday, and that takes all of my concentration away from getting my PowerSheets and starting immediately. Then there is Thanksgiving to think about. I know that some people like to move quickly through their prep work and set their goals, but I like to ruminate. I like to consider, and I like to wait to set my goals until as close to January 1st as I possibly can.

Why? Well, there are always changes that can come up. For instance, in 2019 I did all of my prep work and set all of my goals in December. And then, on 1/6/2020 we received an unexpected offer on our house that was no longer on the market. Some big decisions were made and we ended up moving. However, that was obviously not the end of the 2020 surprises.

PowerSheets Prep Part 2

You move through your prep work, you figure out what is most important, and you start to realize the direction you want your life to go in. There is a word that may stick out to you, or a big audacious goal you are hoping to work towards. There are little changes that you want to tweak to make your life work better for you. To finally live that life of passion you have been considering for so long.

I constantly jot down ideas throughout the fall into my little notebook so that I can remember them when the time comes to write out my goals. This is a great way to figure out your action steps. Create categories that resonate with you personally.

I struggled with the 2022 PowerSheets categories and how they were fully integrated into the PowerSheets this year. It seemed a bit too forced to me this year. But, because I am OK with making changes whenever I need to (I do this in homeschooling all the time), I decided to think about my own categories instead.

How do PowerSheets Cultivate Simplicity?

The 2022 PowerSheets cultivate simplicity by giving you a focus, and helping you find your direction. What is most important to you? Why do you want to make the changes that you want to make? Are there big goals that you want to work towards this year? What are the action steps you need to take in order to start?

That is the key though, you need to just start. It can be scary, especially when a goal is so big it won’t be completed in a year. But, knowing that you are moving in the right direction will help you gain momentum. Then you will see, little by little progress leads to big change.

This is what happened for my husband and I many many years ago when we decided we needed a plan to get out of debt. Credit cards, student loans, car loans, we were in over our heads, and we didn’t have a plan. But, once we figured out how to drastically cut our expenses, and make some adjustments in other areas of our life, we started to make progress. Granted, some of those changes were extreme and people definitely looked at us like we were crazy, but we were able to do so much in those years because we finally had a goal and the action steps to achieve that goal.

The Bottom Line

The mission behind Townsend House is to give you the tools you need to Cultivate Simplicity in your Home & Homeschool, and by doing that allow yourself to live a life of passion for the things that are most important to you. The PowerSheets are one of the tools that I use to move my life in the direction I desire to live. But making the small steps towards a life you love is always going to be fulfilling. Figuring out what those steps are can be a challenge, but once you know the direction you want to go towards it will be easier to find those action steps.

I have some big ideas for goals in 2022. I hope that you have some as well. In fact, I would love to hear about them. You can either leave a comment below, or you can always contact me and let me know. I want to make sure that I am helping you in your journey as much as possible so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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