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what i am eating

I am not a big sandwich person.  I’m not sure why, because I definitely love
bread, but I have never been a huge sandwich person.  There is one that I really love though,
chicken salad.  Several years ago, before
I was married, we had a big potluck where I worked.  One of the women I worked with brought in
chicken salad, and it was delicious.
What she had added, that I never thought to add before, was dill.  Since then I have become a huge dill person.


I also am a big cheat when it comes to the chicken I use for
chicken salad.  I use the rotisserie
chicken that you can get at the store.
It is delicious, and we can get organic ones at our supermarket, so I
feel better about buying it.  I strip off
all the meat from the chicken and then add a lot of chopped cucumber, green
pepper, and onion.  Then I add a little
bit of mayonnaise (real mayo!), garlic powder, dill, a little lemon juice and
some salt and pepper.  Put it on some
bread with some lettuce, and you have a delicious lunch.  I actually love to put this on salad as
well.  Yum!

I can’t wait to see
what you are making this week!  Are you
gearing up for the big meal next week by eating only lettuce – I should be!

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  1. You are funny with your eating only lettuce comment! 🙂
    I love chicken salad and I love dill but have never thought about putting dill in the chicken salad! I will definitely be trying that!!

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