Goal Setting Week

Goal setting is one of those processes that people get stuck on…a lot.  Where do you begin?  Why are you setting goals in the first place?  What happens when the goals you set don’t work out the way you hoped and planned?  It is overwhelming to think about life plans, and what goals you need to achieve in order to be the best version of you.

It is easy to say “my goal is to slow down,” or “my goal is to have more family time.”  The problem with these goals is that they aren’t really goals, they are just ideals that you have for your life.  Those statements don’t make a path clear for you to follow.

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This week we are going to be talking all about goals.

Goals are incredibly important.  They are important for you personally, as well as your family and homeschool.  A big part is the “why.”  Why are goals so important?  What is the difference between living a life with goals and without goals?

We will be discussing personal goal setting and the tools that I use to make it happen.  But, since we are homeschoolers, we will also be talking about goal setting within your homeschool.  And even more so, with your kids.

Teaching our kids about goal setting from a young age helps prepare them to know how to create steps to reach their potential.  It also is a huge clue into how they individually are working, what their interests are, and how to go about encouraging their strengths while also working to improve their weaknesses.

Does goal setting stress you out?  Are there parts of setting goals that you do not like?  Please share those in the comments below.  Let’s encourage one another to not be scared of making goals!

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to goal setting?

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