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What is Simple Living?

Simple living is something that I am constantly striving
for.  I want experiences to be at the
forefront of our home instead of things. 
I want to live a debt free life, only using cash to purchase items that
we need.  I want the food that we eat to
be simple, wholesome, whole foods; preferably local and sustainably raised.  I want to be a producer, instead of a
consumer.  I want my children to love
nature, and play in it daily.
This all sounds great to me, but your idea of simple living
may be different. 
So what exactly is simple living?
I love the definition that Tsh of The Art of Simple uses –
Living simply means
living holistically with your life’s purpose.
It seems so easy, right; living holistically with your
life’s purpose.
I have to say that it isn’t easy, not easy at all.  Why though? 
It doesn’t make sense, considering you are essentially trying to
simplify your life, why is it not easy?
I have realized that it is because we live in a complicated
world; one that has instant access to everything, one that demands us to make
choices constantly.  We no longer feel
the need to wait to buy items, we no longer see want vs. need; it is all
translated as need these days.
I started Townsend House as a way to express living simply
in a complicated world, at least my journey in it.  And after writing here for 4 years, it seems
like I have made great strides in some areas, and not so much in others.  There are things that we used to do, that we
no longer do (like keep chickens – although I hope to bring new chicks home
next spring).  There are things that I
want to do more of (menu planning).  And
there are new things that I want to try (more sustainable living practices).
What does that mean?
Well, I will continue to take you all on my journey toward a
simple life, mine and my family’s version of it anyways.  I hope that you will continue to walk this
journey with me. 
I want to branch out on what I write about.  My blog is definitely more of a
lifestyle/memoirist type blog.  I write
about what is going on in my every day, the challenges, and what I am
attempting to use to change those challenges into positive situations in my
family’s life. 
I hope you will be on board as I branch out a bit from my
normal gardening/knitting/food posts (especially since the garden is not in
service at this time).  I need to move
back to some of the old ways – like getting back to the farmers’ market and
co-op.  Plus, with three little ones, two
of whom I am homeschooling, there will be a lot more about organization,
rhythms, and general parenting craziness.
Now, I want to know.

What does a simple
life mean to you?  Are you an urban
homesteader?  A minimalist?  Someone who loves the nomadic lifestyle?  Someone who is adapting in place in the
suburbs?  Or are you in between all of
those, not quite knowing where you want to be, or where you expect your simple
living journey to take you?

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  1. You're right…it's not easy, at all. For me, the simple life is something I strive for. We are not there yet, not even close. Except on our camping vacations which are on a piece of "forest" we bought, with no running water, no electricity, and everything we want on the property has to be slugged in on our backs up a steep rocky climb. Makes you truly consider if you really "need" something there with all the work involved. At home, we live in the city, surrounded by constant consumerism. I grow what I can, shop at the farmer's market as much as I can, eat very little take out or prepared meals. I'm teaching the kids to cook and make things for themselves. And we buy as little "stuff" as we can. Somehow, our house is still overflowing (lots and lots of hand me down stuff) that we are working on clearing out, but it's hard for the kids to give up things they are attached to, even if they don't use it. I enjoy your posts thoroughly, and look forward to your new direction.

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