my garden in pictures

We are starting to harvest a bit more than just lettuce and kale from our garden.  Not a lot more, but a little at least!  Of course, in these early days, we are having to ration out the garden produce.  It doesn't last long around here.  One small pickling cucumber per person and a few green beans.  But, we have all the green smoothies one (mama) can ask for!

I think that soon we will find that we will be overrun with produce, and that I am not upset about!  I am really pleased with the way the tomatoes are turning out, and while the peppers seem to be growing slowly, they are growing!  The winter squash (blue hubbard, spaghetti, acorn, and pie pumpkins) all seem to be doing really well!  I was extremely concerned due to all the cucumber beetles and squash bugs/stink bugs, but apparently when you plant directly into composted manure they grow quite well!  I'm not sure that I planted enough green bean plants though.  Both of my kids thought that when you picked them they were automatically dilly beans, alas, not the case.  I have picked a handful a couple days, but not nearly enough to make a batch of dilly beans.  That might be something I am ordering from the co-op.

These little guys I am not happy about.  I keep getting out there with my soapy water.  Although, instead of spraying them, I tend to put them in a bucket filled with soapy may seem cruel, but I cannot stand these little suckers!  And, they spray you with this disgusting sweet smelling stuff that I can't seem to wash off my hands - it is incredibly gross and I would be happy if I never saw another bug like this ever again - yuck!

I would love to see what is going on in your garden!  Please leave a link to any garden posts you might have!

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  1. Looks like a great harvest so far, I know you will be overrun soon! Sounds like you have win the battle of the cucumber beetles! Great pics by the way! Beautiful!

  2. it is still not too late to plant another run of beans if you want more :)

  3. Lookin' good!! I wish ours was not done already. Must plan the fall garden next!

  4. I heard on backtoedenfilm. com that we should take our spicy peppers and add it to water and spray that on the pests. Apparently, they don't like their food caliente!

  5. Beautiful garden! Mine seems to be at about the same stage...I am drooling over the veggies that we will soon be eating daily. I hate those little bugs too! I catch them and feed them to the chickens...they love them!

  6. YEAH! I love seeing other people's gardens!
    Thanks for sharing at the Creative Home & Garden Hop. Looking forward to seeing what you share this week.


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