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*Update* Using an Erin Condren Teacher Planner as a Homeschool Planner

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I have wanted to do an update on using my ErinCondren Teacher Planner as a homeschool planner for a while now, and
could not seem to manage it!  However, I
have received several requests recently for a peek inside the planner, and more
information about how I use it for homeschool planning, and I decided now, at
the beginning of our new school year, was the best time.


I first need to tell you that I purchased this Erin
Condren Teacher Planner
last year during one of their sales, so it is
not the newest version of the teacher planner.
But, I don’t think that much has changed besides some of the design
elements.  The actual bulk of the book is
I also want you to know that I am slow on actually getting
everything into the planner, so you will see some pages are done, and some are
not done – like my yearly scope!  I am
still hard at work trying to figure out which month everything will fit
I do not really use the first few pages of the planner.  I know that some people will convert them
into something else, I honestly don’t have the time for it, so I am going to
start with the Happy Birthday



I am using this section as my yearly scope.  I know this sounds funny because there is an
actual Yearly Plan tab, but I like
the layout of the Happy Birthday section better for my scope.  I am a list maker, and there is a little bit
more space in my mind for a list – which is exactly what my scope is, just a
list of what I plan to do each month.  I
have only gotten through a couple months at this time, because I’m not sure how
school is going to go with both Emma and Jack doing school five days a week and
a very rambunctious Lucy added to the mix.
The next section is the Absent
section.  There are three two-page
spreads.  Currently I am using them as
book lists.  I did this last year as
well.  I like that I have the space to
write out the books that each kid is reading – so Emma and Jack both have one
of the two-page spreads specifically for what they read.  Then one of the two-page spreads holds the
books that we read to the kids as well as audio books they listen to.  This does not have to be just “school” read
alouds, my husband reads to the kids every night, and it is usually some random
book that they pick together.  Recently
it has been Aliens Ate my Homework…


The next section is graph paper.  I mainly use this for lists or extra
paper.  Nothing spectacular going on
Then comes to the Yearly
section, which was obviously put in for the yearly scope, but I use
this as more of a monthly theme section.
Last year I decided I wanted to do themes each month and have the kids
work on projects around those themes, that didn’t work as well as I hoped.  So while I am still planning on keeping
themes, I don’t expect that they will be doing a specific project based on
these themes.  It is more for the extras
that I like to add in monthly, and gives me an idea of how much I can actually
plan for us to do in the month.  If there
is a big field trip to the state museum for one of their special presentations,
I might spend a little more time on that bit of science for the month rather
than our particular science curriculum.


The next section is the monthly calendar pages.  This is the one space that I am not as
excited about this year as I was last year.
With my first Erin Condren Teacher
, the monthly calendar pages had 6 rows, started with a Monday
instead of a Sunday, and the weekend was combined into two smaller boxes at the
end of the week.  I much preferred this
monthly calendar – especially for a teacher calendar – but obviously I can make
a regular monthly calendar work as well.
One thing that I didn’t get with this planner was the daily
dots stickers which have the numbers on them – I think I was supposed to
receive them, but because I wasn’t planning on using the planner immediately, I
didn’t actually look through the planner and notice that they were not
there.  I probably will need to order
some from a shop on Etsy so that I don’t have to write in the numbers. 
The calendar pages are used exactly how they are meant to be
– as a calendar!  I write down anything
that has to do with school in these monthly calendar pages.  I like to have the information all in one
spot – anything school related, piano practice, field trips, sports practices,
sports games, and I also put a little check mark for each day we do
school.  This is so I can easily count up
how many days we have done at the end of the year – we need to school at least
175 days throughout the year, but there is no requirement on which days need to
be school days, so if we have a big field trip on a Saturday, that can count as
There is a lined page at the beginning of each month as
well, and I use this for any notes I am making about the month, supplies I need
to purchase for science experiments, if we need new curriculum or books etc.


The next section is the real reason I chose this particular
planner – the Lesson Plan
section.  It gives me plenty of space to
write down what I need to do with both Emma and Jack throughout the day and
week.  I like to have the information all
written out right in front of me in this format – I put our main subjects
across the top as well as a Fine Arts/PE
column and an Extras column.  Fine Arts and PE are pretty self-explanatory,
but this is where I write down what we are doing for music/art/PE.  It is generally the same every day, but I am
hoping to add in a bit more for music appreciation this year.
The Extras column
is not being used yet – we ease into our school year.  But, I plan to use this column for Emma’s
health class we are planning this year, as well as some of the other extras
they would like to work on this year – sewing and cooking/baking.  I’m planning on using this column as a catch
all for the little subjects we don’t do every day, or even every week, but
still need a place for a little planning.
I color code everything as well, purple is what I do with
both kids together (science text/history/read alouds), then Emma is pink and
Jack is blue.  It makes it easy for me to
see which each child needs to work on throughout the day.


The final section is the other reason I like this planner,
it is the Checklist section.  You can purchase extra sheets in this section
(I wish that option was available for the lesson plans as well!), and I do
purchase extra sheets.
Last year I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with the
pages, and then right before we started our school year I realized that I could
use them exactly as they were designed, as a checklist. 
I write the dates of the month down the side where it says
name, and across the top I write pretty much everything the kids ever do –
morning routine, school subjects, extra subjects, library trips, sports
practices, evening routine, chores.  I am
then able to check off each day that they work on that subject.
As I have gotten more into bullet journaling this year, I
realize that this is just a monthly habit tracker.  It gives me a good overview of what we are
doing each month, and is an extra layer for my planning, if I see that we haven’t
done health in three weeks, I will know that I need to make it a priority in my
planning.  I also like to see all that
the kids do each month, it makes me feel better!
As a homeschool mom, I am constantly questioning whether I
am doing enough, if the kids are learning enough, if I am too lax, always
second guessing.  Having these monthly
trackers and those little boxes checked off every month gives me a bit of a
boost in confidence, and honestly I definitely need that many months!


This is how I am using my Erin Condren Teacher Planner
this year.  If you are interested in
purchasing a planner from Erin Condren, you can click on this link and sign up for
an account with Erin Condren – then they will e-mail you a code for $10 off
your first order. 


How do you plan out
your homeschool year?  Do you have an
Erin Condren planner?

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  1. That planner looks amazing! I don't think I'll homeschool my kid, mostly because I don't think I'm disciplined enough to sit him down to get him to study. But I would love to have a look at that planner, because I'm a nerd who collects planners and notebooks. =D

  2. some people are really into fancy planners! i love a nice one and i do have a mommy one and blogging one and dance teaching one, but i see so many posts and videos about planners. i always admire moms who homeschool! hard work!

  3. I love the idea of planners! I just never use them consistently. My daughter on the other hand uses them constantly. I think your idea of using the teacher planner for homeschooling is apropos because you are a teacher. =) Hope you have a successful year.

  4. I love love love planners! I wish I had known about this one when I was a teacher! Homeschooling isn't for me, but I could see myself using this as a family planner!

  5. Thanks so much for showing us! I homeschool too and it's a task to try to find a perfect planner. I'm actually creating my own, lol. I love the checklist part, that is a perfect place for daily habits!

  6. I used to teach when was younger; from tutoring private school kids in English to being a Nursery assistant, Special Needs teacher and more, I did a lot of teaching growing up. I don't teach anymore but I do proofread peoples thesis's and dissertations. This planner would have been brilliant to map out lessons and I wish I knew about Erin Condren beforehand!

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