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{31 Days} Epic Failure and What to do to Fix It

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Brilliant Tools for Simple Living in a Complicated World

This is my fifth year participating in the #write31days
challenge.  When I first started, I
thought it would be a great way for me to get to know other bloggers, and it
worked.  I loved the community and the encouragement,
and I also loved the challenge of writing for 31 days straight.

Brilliant tools to help you grow your blog work smarter and manage time

When I was preparing for the challenge this year, I could
not pin down a topic.
It seemed like life was going at warp speed, and before I
knew it, it was September 30th, and I hadn’t come up with a topic.
At that moment, I knew that I wanted to write about
overcoming overwhelm.
Why?  Well, because I
was so overwhelmed, it seemed natural to want to write about overcoming
it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any
idea of how to do this in the month of October. 
Well, I did have a few ideas, and it all started out well enough.
Then my kids got sick, and then I got sick.  I haven’t been really sick in a good couple
years – which is absolutely lucky, I know that.

Brilliant tools to help you grow your blog work smarter and manage time

I think one of the reasons that I hadn’t been sick besides
colds over the past couple of years was because I had made peace with my schedule and removed what wasn’t necessary.  I was able to not being stressed or
overwhelmed.  So, when my body started to
become stressed again, and I felt life getting a bit out of control, of course
I got sick.
I thought I would be able to persevere and get through the
challenge, writing about my experiences, however, I’m sure you have noticed,
that was not the case.  Instead, I wrote
a few posts about how I am not very successful at overcoming overwhelm.
Finally, the week before Lucy’s birthday, I said
enough.  I was sick, had vertigo, and
could not talk.  I realized I needed a

Taking a break in the blogging world seems like such a
difficult thing.  I think that it is
difficult because we are all always connected, always trying to put out new
content, always trying to be in community with our readers, trying to share
interesting and valuable information online.
What happens? 
Essentially, burn out happens.
You push so hard, I push so hard, that I end up back where I
was a couple years ago, and all I need is a little bit of breathing room.
I ended up allowing myself to take a break.  Not an easy task for someone who is trying to
build build build, but it was necessary. 
I wasn’t helping anyone, certainly not myself, and that is a main reason
that I blog.
Simple living in a complicated world – yet my world was very
complicated, and I was doing nothing to simplify it.
I am constantly striving for balance in my home, but
realized that my blog was taking on a life of its own.  This is a good thing since I am trying to
build this online business, however, it is also a bad thing if I am unable to
balance everything else I have on my plate (most notably homeschooling and the
activities my kids are involved in).
Being an introvert it is easy for me to just want to shut
out everything and hide.  But, obviously
that isn’t an option.
I realized that in order for me to do better with balance, I
needed to work smarter and not harder.  I
also needed to take some time to think about my goals for this blog, what is my
long term vision, and why do I continue to write even when I am stressed?
The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit came at the
right time for me as far as blogging goes. 
I realized that I was trying to do too many things, too many things with
my blog, too many things in life, and I needed to prioritize. 
For business, bundle has been an amazing tool for
me.  Showing me some of the problems that
I have, while giving me concrete steps to take in order to improve.  I love being a blogger, working for myself,
but sometimes self gets in the way, and I just need someone to tell me what to
do.  This bundle is helping me learn
Now, there are a lot of things that I am doing for my
personal side as well, finding balance and not being overwhelmed going into our
busy season is something I definitely need to work hard on, and it is not easy,
but it is worth it.  I hope to be sharing
some of those steps over the next several weeks. 

Brilliant tools to help you grow your blog work smarter and manage time

As for now, I am sorry that I was unable to finish this
challenge, but I think that I learned a good lesson in that sometimes I can’t
push through, sometimes I really do need to take a step back and look at the
big picture. 
If you are a blogger or content creator, I definitely
recommend picking up this amazing bundle – over 60 resources at 98% off.  If you are looking to make one part of your
life – your blog – less overwhelming, I definitely recommend this amazing
resource.  Today is the last day this
bundle will be available – don’t let it pass you by!
How do you overcome
overwhelm in blogging or in life?  Do you
ever continue pushing through without stepping back to breathe?

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  1. I definitely reach a burnout period every now and again. I love my blog but sometimes stepping back for just a second will give you the extra boost that you need to get back into it.

  2. That sounds like a fun challenge…but I can definitely see how overwhelming it can be on top of everything else. I have a small business, work full time and I am a full time student all on top of blogging! There have been days that I really thought I might have a breakdown! Definitely important to take care of yourself!

  3. I think it's so important that you learned that it's okay to take a break. I know it can be especially difficult in the blogging world where consistency in putting out content is so important. I had two straight months where I only put out 5 posts the entire month. My health was just terrible and I was struggling with depression and a lot of emotional turmoil in my personal life. I tried to ignore it and stay on my blogging schedule, but I just couldn't. I had a breakdown, and had to take a break. My numbers fell but I had to take care of myself first. Luckily, I finally jumped back last month and am doing a lot better overall. Sometimes a break is all you need.

  4. Dont beat yourself up for not finishing a challenge. Thats why they are called challenges they are hard. At least you were candid and honest dont worry life happens.

  5. I know exactly what you mean about burnout, and you feel a bit like a failure when you take a step back from blogging. I think in part it's because we have the ability to see the drop in views or interaction and we know how hard it is to get to that point! so we just want to keep it up, but the most important thing is to take care of yourself and your family!

  6. I could def not do a writing challenge. I have tried to lighten my load with blogging because it's so hard to be a mom and work full time and blog! I really love it, but I had to learn to let myself live life too. I'm glad you didn't push yourself!

  7. I was able to finish my own challenge, I used some of your suggestions and then some of my own. It came off like a sentence a day that I always do, but I appreciated having some of your guidance!

  8. I've only participated in the Write 31 Days challenge a couple of times and I struggled the most in the weeks AFTER the challenge because I poured so much into my blog during October that when November came around I was completely drained…so I understand needing balance!

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