31 Days – Self-Care Baskets

I absolutely love baskets.
I use them all over my home for various purposes.  They are in my entryway holding mittens and
hats in the winter, they hold my yarn, they hold journals and notebooks, and my
kids have good-morning baskets for when they wake up earlier than I
would prefer them to.  Baskets add beauty
to my home.
When I started to write about morning routines, I remembered
about the good-morning baskets I made for my kids.  These are full of little items for the kids
to use only in the morning, to help occupy them while I finish up my own quiet
It made me realize that I could have my own “self-care
basket” for those moments when I know that I need some down time.
I know that when I have a free minute to myself, I end up
taking the entire time figuring out what I am going to do, or setting something
up for me to do, instead of being able to sit and relax, or have an idea of
what I can do in that moment. 
Then the moment is gone and I am more frazzled than when I
initially started.
What if I had a basket of a few of my favorite things,
sitting, available to me, so that when I have those moments, I can immediately
accomplish some self-care and relaxation?


This basket is something that I have placed in my bedroom,
away from the kids, so that they don’t also explore it.
Some ideas for items to place in your self-care basket:
  • your favorite candle
  • an ipod with some great playlists (I still have my old one!)
  • a pre-packaged nuts and dried fruit snack
  • a piece of dark chocolate
  • a journal and favorite pen
  • essential oils
  • a stress ball
  • a rice pack that you can warm and put on your shoulders
These are a few things that I am putting in my own self-care
basket.  You can certainly adjust it for
what you prefer.
Do you
have a basket in your home that you can use for self-care?  What one item would you include in your


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