Finish your Time Inventory Strong

It’s time to finish your time inventory strong! We have been working for a week on our time inventory and this is going to be a big part of the next couple of weeks. I know that weekends are going to be a bit different as far as the time inventory goes. My weekends are completely different than my weeks. But, you still want to finish your time inventory!

Finish Your Time Inventory: Encouragement

I want you to know that I am in your corner, and will be as we move into the future and evaluate our time inventories together. The first time that I did a time inventory, I was shocked at where my time was going. I thought I had a good handle on things, but quickly realized that was not the case. In fact, I felt embarrassed at where I was spending my time.

But, remember, when you finish your time inventory, this is just the start. Where we go from here is what is important. You are going to be able to make some decisions on where you can make efficiencies. You will see how long different activities take. And it is going to be eye-opening. So, even if you are not happy with how you have been spending your time this past week, that is OK! This is just the starting off point!

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This is painful

Sometimes, when we do something out of the ordinary (like completing a time inventory), our eyes are opened to habits that we didn’t realize we had. That is OK. And in fact, it is expected. I’m not saying that every one of you will have a painful time going through this time inventory. But, you may already see patterns where there have been things outside of your control. You have activities you turn to when you are overwhelmed (mine is Instagram), that you think may not be the best use of time.

Guess what? That is all OK! Part of the reason you need to finish your time inventory strong is because we want to see what a real week is like for you. Is every week the same? No. But, most likely there are habits and rhythms that you fall into without even realizing it. That is actually a good thing! However, we want to make sure that those habits and rhythms are the right ones for you and your family.

The Bottom Line

You may have gone through a time inventory exercise before, possibly even with me. In which case, I hope that you have implemented the changes that we have discussed before and you are on your way to a better weekly rhythm. But, if you haven’t, it will most likely be an eye-opening experience. Not always positive. That is OK though! We are going to learn to use the information you gather when you finish your time inventory, and make some changes.

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Change can be difficult, but if you want to live a life you love, and you aren’t currently, those changes are necessary. You are doing a great job! There is never going to be a perfect week – not even if you try and work all of my tips and tricks into your days. But, you are moving in the right direction, and that is the most important thing. As the Cultivate What Matters team says, little by little progress adds up!

How has your week been going? Just two more days to finish your time inventory! Let me know if you are noticing any common themes in the comments below, or email me and let me know!

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