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How can it already be the last week in July?!  This month has flown by.  I am really enjoying having these garden happening posts each week.

It seems like all of the greens are doing really well.  I wasn’t sure how they would do during the hot hot days, but they are still going strong.  The lettuce isn’t bitter, which I was surprised about.  I am going to put some more lettuce seeds in the ground, and hope for the best.  The farmers at the farmers’ market say you can keep planting right through September, so we will see.

My cucumbers are starting to produce, and I am happy about that especially with all the cucumber beetles and stink bugs we have been contending with.

The biggest surprise was that my yellow summer squash plant started to get some flowers on it.  I hope that means I will get some summer squash…just much later than normal.

The broccoli is finally starting to grow little broccoli heads.  I think maybe it has been too hot?  I did get a kind that was supposed to be good in the heat, but maybe it was just too hot.  I haven’t grown broccoli before, so I really have no idea.

The peppers are still going strong, I am going to go through and pick all of my jalapenos and then throw them in the freezer.  I love how easy they are to preserve, and then I can have them all through the winter – especially important with all the chili I make during those winter months!

It is time to pull the garlic, and if I had been paying attention to the weather, I would have done it at the end of last week.  Of course it is pouring out now, and was yesterday as well, so I am waiting.  I did pull one to see how they were doing, and the head was about the size of my fist, so that is making me very happy!

I have a few sungold tomatoes that are just about ripe, but most of them are green.  And all of my other tomatoes…green green green.  I know that we are about a week behind with how the weather was at the beginning of the season, so I am still hoping I will have a ton of red tomatoes come the middle of August.

How is your garden growing?  

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  1. Pretty pictures. All of my tomatoes are still green, but a few of the cherry tomatoes (Sakura) are beginning to show signs of turning. The cool weather we are having is not helping the tomatoes! I have squash blossoms too and am in hopes of a late harvest with these. Have a good day.

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