holiday recipes part 2

I am not a big chocolate person.  I always want to like chocolate, because I love the smell of it, and I love to see all the different varieties available.  But, I am more of a white chocolate kind of girl…meaning I mainly like white sugar 🙂  However, once per year I do like chocolate.  It is at Christmas time when my mom makes fudge.  I love her fudge.  I love that I can make a big batch and throw it in the freezer, and then just chop off a chunk every now and again to eat…for months.  Yes, I make that much fudge each year.  I also like to make it for friends, and have never had a complaint yet!

Makes 1 9×13 pan of fudge

12 oz (or 2 cups) milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips
3 Baker’s German’s sweet chocolate bars
8 oz of marshmallow fluff
4 1/2 cups sugar
2 Tablespoons butter
1 12oz can evaporated milk

Smash German’s chocolate bar with a hammer or a rolling pin, whatever you have handy.
Combine chocolate and fluff in mixing bowl, set aside.
Butter a 9×13 pan.
Add butter, sugar, milk, and 2 dashes of salt in sauce pan.
Bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
Boil for 6 minutes – keep stirring!
Pour over chocolate mixture, and mix until smooth.  I use my kitchenaid mixer for this, you have to move fast before it starts to cool down and set.
Pour in pan and let it set until hard in fridge.
Lick the warm fudge from the mixing bowl, it is delicious 🙂

I hope you try it!  I typically will make one batch with milk chocolate and one bath with semi-sweet chocolate.  It is kind of hard to get out of the pan, so make sure you butter it really well.  And maybe putting a piece of wax paper in the bottom of the pan would help with this…I think I might try that this year 🙂  Do you have a favorite candy recipe for the holidays?

You can read part 1 here.

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