personal goals

It is an interesting thing, putting your personal goals up
for the entire world to see.  It
definitely helps in the way of accountability. 
I mean, who wants to put up a bunch of goals only to not finish
them?  Well, I would like to say that isn’t
me, but to be honest, I rarely ever complete all of my “goals for the year.”  I am definitely learning that it is ok to not accomplish
all of my goals.  And realizing some
goals take a lot longer than a year to accomplish.

My personal goals are really important to me this year.  Maybe because they are for my own well being,
and not contingent on another’s actions. 
That is key.  Not letting your
goals be altered by any other person. 
These are your  goals.  Without further ado, personal goals!
Being Present
This is an important one. 
It seems like every day that goes by, more technology is available to
take my mind away from what is important. 
Do I really need to see every update on Facebook?  No.  Is
it easy to get sucked into every update on Facebook?  Absolutely! 
It isn’t just Facebook though, it is about anything that takes me away
from the present.  I have so.many.things.
that I want to accomplish, it is easy to get wrapped up in that and forget that
I am also supposed to be living my life. 
My kids are little now still, but I see how fast every year has been going,
I want to be present for everything.  I
don’t want life to pass by in a blur.  I’m
sure many of you mamas can relate!
Last year I had the crazy idea to
read 100 books in 2013.  I have no idea if I actually finished
that goal.  About 4 months into the year
I stopped logging my books in Goodreads as soon as I finished them.  When you finish a book in the middle of the
night, logging it online, or even putting in on a paper list, is not a top priority.  So in addition to reading 100 books this
year, I would like to actually log all of the books I read.  I also hope to read a lot of
non-fiction.  It is easy for me to read a
novel; I get lost in the story and want to finish it as soon as possible.  With non-fiction, it typically makes me
question my own life and choices, and therefore takes a lot longer to complete.  So far this year I started the Divergent
series and also read Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson.  I think that if I read a fiction book, and
then a non-fiction book, maybe I can increase my non-fiction reading.

Self-care is a funny thing.  It obviously is something that is selfish,
but it is also something that is so needed for every person (especially
mamas!).  For the first several years of
motherhood I put everything I had into my kids. 
I didn’t take care of myself, and it was evident to me that I needed
to.  This past year I spent a lot more
time trying to center myself, figuring out what I needed to do to make my life
as a stay at home mama to work.  I realized
that taking time for myself was important. 
However, as a mama of littles it seemed next to impossible to find that
time.  That is when I realized my desire to
wake up early in the morning wasn’t just a desire, it was a necessity. 
Over the past several weeks,
maybe even months, I have let myself fall away from that practice of getting up
early, but I definitely still need it.  I
can’t expect to find time during the day homeschooling children who no longer
nap.  No matter how well they play by
themselves, I realize that as soon as they are happy and playing independently,
and I sit down to do my own thing, there will be a crisis.  Maybe I am the only person this happens to,
but I’m assuming I’m not the only one. 
If I am, please give me your tips!
Taking the time to take care of
myself is important.  It is hard work
being present all day with my kids, and not taking any time for myself.  And by the end of the day I am completely
spent, and feel like I must just zone out. 
So early mornings it is! 
Reflecting on the previous day and planning for a new day as well as
journaling and having my quiet time is important, and I need to get back into
it.  It feeds my soul and prepares me for
the day ahead.  The days when I am up
early and accomplish all I feel like I need to before starting breakfast for
the kids (you know, like drinking my pot of coffee!), I am better off, and my kids
are better off.

What about you?  Do you have
important personal goals you would like to accomplish this year?  Any good books that you think I should put on
my list?

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  1. I love this and yes, you are brace putting these up but more power to you! I think these are great goals – for everyone to focus on actually! Couldn't agree more about being present – shutting OFF technology and social media, caring for ourselves without feeling selfish or bad and reading more! Yes it's ok to not perfect every goal but being aware and focused is important! Amen to that!

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